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I'm STRIKERWWW, I've been playing League for about 2 years, I play mostly Zed on mid lane and in this guide, I will show you how to dominate your enemy.

Zed is one of the highest skill champions in the game, I think his concepts are easy to pick up as his abilities are simple but mastering this champion is extremely difficult. Zed is a big pain to deal with in lane, he does a lot of damage, has high mobility, and can bully almost anybody in lane. His cons: he has no cc, he only has one movement ability which is his W. It is extremely powerful because essentially its like an extra flash but it must be used with caution because that's your only means of escape in case something goes wrong. Zed can also swap places with his shadows allowing for beautiful plays, where zed kills the enemy without taking a single point of damage.

I don't have a youtube channel yet, but I am planning on making one in the future. One youtube channel that I will definitely recommend is a challenger Zed player from Korea called Zed99. You can learn a lot from him.

ZED99 Channel Link


Runes (Loadout)


The standard runes for zed mid is as follows: Electrocute for the burst, taste of blood allows you to heal, eyeball collection for bonus damage and ultimate hunter to reduce the cooldown on your ultimate. Secondary path is usually sorcery, with transcendence for the ability haste (this is very important) and scorch for extra damage. Also take 2 adaptive force and one defense rune depending on who you're up against.

ZED JUNGLE If you decided to play zed in jungle then you should take First Strike for the burst + gold, magical footwear, future market and cosmic insight for the ability haste + summoner haste. Second rune page is domination with eyeball collection and ultimate hunter. Take attack speed + adaptive force + defense rune.


Summoner Spells (Loadout)

Recommend summoner spells via the "/Items & Spells" module below. Use "+" to add additional sets. (Want another format? Try typing "/Featured Items & Spells" or "/Items & Spells".

  • Summs (Role 1)

Skill Path

What you take on level 2 depends on your matchup. If you're against a melee champion that doesn't do as much poke from the distance then I would take E second to help with killing minions and also for the trades up close. If enemy is ranged and pokey then its better to take W second.

  • Skill Path

Item Builds

I always start with a long sword and a refillable potion. You will be trading a lot so having a refillable heal is important. In most of my games, I rush serrated dirk, its a great item because its very cheap, gives you 30 attack damage and lethality, when I finish it, I actually rush Ionian Boots of Lucidity before finishing my first item. Ionian Boots of Lucidity are extremely important on zed as they give you a massive amount of ability haste allowing you to cast your abilities quicker. For the first item, I typically go for eclipse if the enemy team has a tank or bruisers, if the enemy team is comprised of squishy champions then duskblade is a good option. For second item, Axiom Arc is a must, it reduces the cooldown of your ultimate by a lot allowing for reingages and insane plays. Imagine using ultimate twice in one fight! To finish up the core build, we have Serylda's Grudge, It has good armor pen but most importantly, it slows your enemies which helps you hit your Qs. After you're done with your core, you can build more assassin items depending on the recommendations.

  • Item Set 1

Matchups and Synergies

Zed is extremely powerful against squishies but be careful of champions like Pantheon or Leblanc. A good Leblanc player will be able to out-maneuver you and cause you to miss your Qs. It is extremely important for Zed to hit his Qs, so if you're up against a champion that can easily do that then you will have a hard time.

Here's a list of champions to be careful of


    A basic trade combo is W + E + Q. If you want to all in during that combo, you can recast W and auto attack to proc you passive which deals increased damage to low hp targets.

    Basic all in with ultimate: R W E Q, important to note where you're placing your shadows.

    In some cases, you can place W away from your target then use R to jump on them then immediately recast W to go back, and then proceed with E and Q to do your damage. If done effectively, it allows you to not take a single point of damage while killing the enemy.

    For additional combo guides, I suggest looking up Zed combos on youtube.

    Here's another useful resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZVkdgXeGvE&t=97s





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    BIG HED 2 months ago

    I can confirm this guide was used many a time by many people I know and as someone who personally knows Striker, i can say without a -shadow- of a doubt: this is the best guide on this website and the reason Zed is D-tier. :pray: :fire:

    Juan_ThePro2267 11 months ago

    axiom arc is trash