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A Guide to the Mommy Dommy of Piltover and Bringing Her to the Mid Lane

How to Play Vi in the Mid Lane

The beginning of lane phase for Vi is somewhat painful with her main form of engage not being unlocked till lvl 3 and with a long cd on her q it makes her early lvls especially hard on her. To combat that we take E lvl 1 allowing her to auto minions which also grants her a shield due to her passive. This allows her to go in for CS without taking to much dmg and if done properly even poke the enemy as well.

Combo chart

Vi's combos pre 6 are the basic Q-AA-E-AA-E-AA. This will proc her "W" DENTING BLOWS which will chunk the enemy pretty hard. After 6 she unlocks her "R"CEASE AND DESIST. This ability allows for a almost guaranteed kill paired along side ignite and a few well placed Es in the lane. The catch combo is mainly used to well catch enemies them being either adcs in the back of the team or a lone champ that just tried to flash away.


Rune page is pretty simple

  • Hail of Blades for Assassin(I feel the need to talk abt Ingenious since its a odd hunter to take but it is taken instead of relentless due to all core items having a cd)
  • Conquer for bruiser build
  • Aftershock for Tank

(change third rune set for armor or mr depending on match up)

  • Assassin
  • Bruiser
  • Hybrid


Vi has many build that are well Vi-able from assassin lethality 1 shot to full tank she can be made to fit the situation a all around Swiss army champ.

Matchups(mid Lane meta)

Here is a some what in-depth chart abt all the meta matchups I could think abt (Link)



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