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Introduction & coaching information

Hey, I'm Urpog. I'm a multi-season and multi-role master Urgot player, I've achieved masters on Top, Mid, ADC and fill queue Urgot with around 70% WR per climb, I'm Diamond 2 on Urgot Jungle and Diamond 1 on Urgot support. I'm going out of my way to try and give anyone interested about Urgot the knowledge needed to play Urgot, I do stream everyday live at https://www.twitch.tv/urpog and offer my coaching services on VOD reviews for 25 dollars, please hit me up on Discord Urpog#2665 if interested.

Best Overall Runes


Skill Priority




Best Overall Build

Best Overall Runes


Skill Priority




Best Overall Build

Predator build path

PTA build path (recommneded for beginners)

Experimental prowlers claw


  • If done correctly, overpowered clear speed
  • Great early skirmisher, Level 3/4 power spike
  • Great invader, kill camps quick & getting out
  • One of the best users of Predator
  • Exceptional counter ganker
  • Most skill expressive role out of his 5


  • Incredibly weak against coordinated teams
  • Struggles from behind
  • Weak when being invaded
  • Squishier than your normal Urgot build
  • New playstyle adaptation required
  • Weaker scaling


  • Great mobility
  • Early-mid game powerhouse
  • Great damage
  • Fun, rejuvenating playstyle
  • Catch enemies offguard with a permanent presence
  • Gank heavy, worse in 1v1, utility build.

Press The Attack

  • Strong 1 v 1 potential
  • Great early - middle - late
  • Easy activation requirement
  • Enables full precision skill tree
  • Exposure damage works with allies
  • Much slower to path around the jungle

Choosing the rune

How do you determine when you should take Predator or Press the attack? It's a really tough decision. I've written a matchup guide suggesting runes given the matchup at the bottom of this page.

If you're new to Urgot jungle then I recommend you take Press the attack over Predator because it's easier to pilot. Once you've got an okay understanding of pathing, how to gank with Urgot] and generally how it functions, you can take it to the next level by experimenting with Predator.

Predator is absolutely Urgot jungles best rune but it's a completely different playstyle compared to normal Urgot. You become a utility carry rather than being the frontline tank, activating Predator with your Turbochemtank to find picks when people are out of position, isolating important targets etc.

When you're playing Urgot Jungle, it's incredibly important that you go in with a game plan due to being unable to 1 v 5 on Urgot. Urgot's identity is 2 v 5. You need to determine what champion on your team will do the best against the enemies team composition and prioritize your ganking around them.

Urgot's best win rates linger around 0 - 25 minutes, with this build and role you aren't playing the scaling game, you're playing to end games before they reach the 30-minute mark by getting what you've determined your win condition is ahead and securing objectives. If games head beyond the 30-minute mark those are the games you should VOD watch and try to understand what you did wrong, what you could've done better and how your actions impacted the game either negatively or positively.

Red side pathing

Most optimal pathing standard start red side

Blue side pathing

Most optimal pathing standard start red side

Pathing around enemy laners who are stronger than you, refer to the matchup guide below so you can determine who you are weak and strong against.

After watching those videos, you've got a couple of options from here. People won't expect you to be ganking around 3:17, even the most optimal clear champions like Karthus wouldn't show up around these times to gank.

You determine which lane you should gank based on what the enemy laner is and what your laner can provide for you. If the enemy laner is a champion with multiple dashes like Qiyana, Zed or Fizz with many escape options just visit your other lanes which have lane setup for you instead then rotate back up to the scuttle.

The idea with your first pathing that I've created is that you're setting yourself up to be as strong as possible for the contest at scuttles, not many jungles do contest you at the scuttles anymore but on the occasion that they do, you'll have everything available, passive legs, cooldowns and etc.

Urgot's level 3 is one of the best level 3's in the game. Especially when paired with Press the Attack. If they contest you're probably going to get one kill. If you get one kill but die it's still completely worth it. One kill with the full-path clear equals around 950 gold which enable your Lucidity boots.

If you're struggling in the mid-game unsure of how you're supposed to make these ganks work, here's an example of a master-tier Viktor with his flash available.

An example of how to gank a master tier Viktor player

This is master tier so I know this Viktor knows exactly what he can and can't get away from. The objective here is to let him use his kiting and see if he'll use his flash prematurely.

Predator is completely over tuned so you can abuse its long duration time and hover the enemy champion before being completely decisive with your abilities. If I slammed my E immediately at the start of this gank Viktor would've just flashed the wall and that's still great! We get a flash for my Predator cooldown but it's not the best since I didn't gain anything from making a play on the map.

So what I did instead was limit everywhere he could walk to until he's completely vulnerable in the middle of the lane, if Viktor flashes away then I can follow his flash with my E and flash. He'll die in a trade-off that only benefits us. You need to be using your summoners on cooldown, if you have flash available then go do something on the map, you never want uptime on your summoners.

Urgot jungle is mostly a pick that functions from team play and getting leads, you are very team reliant and you should be giving as many kills to your laner as possible. You spike at Lucidity boots, getting Turbochemtank, Titanic Hydra and again at Black cleaver, anything after that and you'll start to fall off.

Here's my biggest win streak with Urgot jungle from my climb of low diamond to high diamond. You can see purely from KDA some games where I've completely taken over lobbies but there are some tame games where I understand Urgot simply CANNOT do enough and the game isn't about me carrying, it's about my teammates.


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