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What's up guys, I am Trieuloo, a Challenger ADC main now for 3 years.

This is going to be my In-Depth Draven Guide where I am pairing alongside one of my friends Kittisaur, who happens to be a lesser known Draven player who has been Challenger since season 7, and ended up being the highest ranked draven player at the end of season 11 ending at over 1k lp with a 62% winrate on draven. Also achieving a whopping 72% winrate in Challenger in previous seasons ALL while playing solo.

Why should you play Draven?

Draven to me is probably one of the best executed champion designs in League of Legends history as you get either the highest of highs, or the lowest of lows paying him. To me once I personally read his lore, I really felt a big connection with the champion that I never felt before.

Draven wanted to get a job really only to be loved by the people, and fans, but turned out being ignored by all of them instead. Even while punishing all the criminals in battle with his brother Darius, he just often was ignored, as people continued on with their lives. This caused him to fall into a heavy drinking and gambling phase as he grew tired with how boring his life was, and he ended quit the army.

He then became an executioner in a Noxus arena where he came up with a genius epiphany, and told one of the prisoner's he could escape. When the prisoner was escaping Draven on PURE INSTINCT leapt from a High balcony hurling his axes, and killed him in a heartbeat. After a moment of silence the crowd went WILD, and he picked up his axes spinning them high in the air while savoring their applause. Draven then became the glorious executioner turning these into shows for crowds, and in general just dreams of the day where the whole world will know his name.

Sadly his lore isn't too detailed, but his story just shows he's here for a short time, not a long time and just wants to have fun. I don't know about you guys, but I can fully resonate with that feeling and can really feel that vibe whenever I play Draven. You just always want to be pushing forward, testing your limits, and in general playing as aggressive as possible at all times.

Draven's Abilities

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Hello I am a Challenger ADC player for 3 years that really enjoys playing Offmeta picks, but dabbles in everything nowadays :D


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