Top 3 Best/Worst Teemo Skins - 2021 Edition

Many have opinions, but I'm here to settle the top Teemo skins

The Best & Worst Teemo Skins

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This one was difficult to pick and choose, as

by far exceeds any other champion in League of Legends when it comes to the quality and depth of a champion's skin collection. Riot has actually been good about listening to and supporting the Teemo community.

Thankfully, we have enough skins to have both a bottom 3 and top 3 ranking. Some champions like

Aurelion Sol
are no so fortunate. Let's get started with the bottom of the barrel for

Worst Teemo Skins:

#3 - Happy Elf Teemo

So, I actually love this skin. It's the only winter-themed skin that Teemo has and how can you not like Teemo as a happy elf? However, this skin falls short in many important areas like the quality of sounds/animations, to the recall animation. Everything just falls a little bit flat, with the best quality about this skin being its splash art.

I give Riot credit for putting Kog'Maw as lead reindeer in front of the moon in the splash art. A great skin to use around the holidays, but probably won't see much use beyond.

#2 - Cottontail Teemo

It's Teemo as the Easter Bunny. He paints his eggs and hides them all over the rift for you to find. It has some charm, and sure, it's fun to use around easter time, but meh. The skin itself is pretty basic, just a white bunny outfit. There is just nothing really special about Cottontail Teemo.

#1 - Astronaut Teemo

A lot of people will claim that Astronaut Teemo is actually one of the better skins in his collection. That's fair, but in my opinion, it's the laziest skin Riot has released for the swift scout. The splash art is underwhelming, his animations are weak, and overall it's just not a skin you see a lot of people using.

There just isn't any color, it's a bland skin that suffers from limited chroma selections.

Best Teemo Skins

Now onto the top 3 BEST Teemo skins. These top 3 usually change from year to year, depending on if there are any new skins released. Another tough one, here are the top 3 skins for Teemo:

#3 - Little Devil Teemo

How can you not like Little Devil Teemo? Teemo is, after all, the Devil himself. How many times have you sat there with a dead look on your face because you just ran over a Teemo mushroom for the 5th time in 2 minutes, and you know you're going to slowly die to your death and there is nothing you can do about it.

This skin will be sure to make your opponents suffer even more. If you end up laning against a Yasuo or Riven, this is the skin to use. Use your

Blinding Dart
ability to silence them and quickly follow up with a Teemo laugh or two. This will ensure your opponent is fully raged, leading to emotional-driven decision making in which you can take advantage of.

#2 - Beemo

Beemo. A classic. The most adorable skin in the entire game, maybe of all games, and of all time. You can't go wrong with those silky-smooth animations and sounds, the vibrant yellows of honey and bumblebees, and of course the bee-hive mushrooms you get to throw around everywhere for people to run into. 

Needless to say, Beemo is the comfort skin for Teemo. Whenever I've felt like I've lost my rhythm and skill, I turn to Beemo. Something just clicks, and before you know it, I'm back to winning. 

#1 - Spirit Blossom Teemo (Prestige Edition)

A completely refreshing take on a Teemo skin, Spirit Blossom is a delightful experience and feels like the team at Riot really put a lot of effort and care into this one.



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