The OnlyGuide You'll Need

A first time tutorial through our features and menus

We designed OnlyGuides to be simple, flexible, and intuitive, so you can really make each guide your own.

This resource will walk first time OnlyGuide writers through the various features available, as well as other parts of the OnlyGuides writing flow.

Some things are familiar, such as traditional formatting hotkeys (ex: Ctrl-B / Command-B for Bold) and being able to paste images directly. Autosave is available for Drafts.

Everything else is new and summarized below.

What's New:

Command Menu

For ease of use, we’ve put almost everything into one menu. Type "/" to access our Command Menu, which lets you add everything from Media to League of Legends pre-made content templates to Formatting for text.

Each of these three sections will be covered in greater depth below.

Separately, highlighting text will bring up the abridged formatting menu above, with fewer options but all of the basics:

Inline Menu

In addition to our Command Menu, you can type "<" to access our inline icon menu, which lets you add inline champions (ex:

), items (ex:
), and more.


Besides pasting images directly, you can upload everything from custom images to video and stream content. Uploaded media will automatically center. Twitch will automatically play when the guide loads; Youtube and other videos will not.

League of Legends

These commands let you insert content modules for specific games. LoL is the only game currently supported. We have plans to add both more games and more modules.

For first time OnlyGuide writers, we recommend using the LoL Champion Guide template or trying each out to get a feel for how they work.


While highlighting text will bring up a few basic options via the inline menu, using the Command Menu's Formatting section will give you access to all available formatting choices.

Some other formatting features:

Bulleted List

  • Bullet 01
  • Bullet 02
  • Bullet 03
  • Bullet 04

Numbered List

  1. Option A
  2. Option B
  3. Option C
  4. Option D

Check List

Buy boots before level 6
Rush Spirit Visage
Rush full boots
Get AD Item

Quote Block

Use a quote block to reference / quote something. Or use a Quote Block to give your guide alternate styling. Feel free to be creative in how you use the formatting features and modules. We plan on adding more formatting options and modules very soon!

Publishing a Guide

We want your guide to do well. When you're ready to share what you've created, hitting Publish in the top right will bring up a "Guide Preview" module.

Here, you will add details that provide a useful preview for readers. The header and subtitle will display as previews for your guide, whether on our site or when shared as a link. Tags (on the right) will help categorize your guides for easy searching. It will also help with your guide's SEO.

Happy writing!



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