Senna Challenger Guide (13.04.2022)

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Hey, im a challenger adc and one of the best Senna players in euw. Since i see a lot of ppl trying to play senna but having the worst builds and rune choices ive ever seen: Heres a guide for you!

Support Senna:

Boots: Dont always go swifties (they are really good, but i see alot of players going them no matter what the enemy team picks). Try to adapt Bootchoice on the game. But its more relevant for the Divine build since u cant tank alot anyways with the other builds.

Here are some builds/items i go depending on the game and some ive tried in the past.

The most common build, that u can almost always go, is Eclipse:

Eclipse -> RFC (core items)

From here u adapt depending on the game. Enemies have a lot of tanks? Sheryldas or Blackcleaver. Enemies have blitzcrank or good pick-champs? Edge of Night. Enemies have a lot of shields? Serpents.

I personally like to rush serpents into lulu/karma lanes but thats very unique.

If u play against a lot of Tanks/Bruisers u can go Kraken/Guinsoos etc.

But i wouldnt recomment it on Support Senna because u get most likely one-tapped by everything and lose a lot of pressure that a champ like Senna needs to aply to be useful. The exception is Fasting Senna since u will be treated as an adc and get played around (optimum).

Divine build can also be good against more tanky comps or against harder matchups were u dont get to aa that much. Divine is ur core item so u adapt from there depending on the game. They have ranged carries? Rfc. They build armor? BC. They have healing? Exe. They have a lot of Magic-Damage? Hexdrinker/Witsend.

These are some old builds (that still work) i played a lot in the past. Here are the newer ones ive tried. Ranked from worst to best:

Evenshroud: Doesnt give u anything u want on Senna, barely does damage and is in general a bad support item. (thoughtproccess was that when Senna got the q slow applied in Patchnotes the item might be useful)

Navori Quickblade: Had a few good games with it but only from far ahead since it costs a lot of gold. Mythic Item is either Shieldbow or Divine. Shieldbow is more efficent since of the critchance. You rarely get to the point of having these items and then ur forced to aa a lot for navori to have impact. For my experience the q reset on your aa is enough and Navori is just overkill. (and also Runaans does basicly the same while being cheaper and works with the One-hit build)

Stormraizor: I played that one a lot and also really liked it. Your q apllies the Stormraizor effect and it synergizes with Rfc (Energized attacks stack). It works well against Enchanter Support lanes since they get easily punished when out of position by the big slow. Also its very easy to follow up with ur w. Rageknife > Stormraizor > Rfc > Shieldbow/Divine

Rageknife > Shieldbow > guinsoos > Witsend/Runaans/Rfc/GA: This is the build that feels best from the new ones ive tried. Rageknife is the most efficent item on Senna since the critchance u get for every 20 souls get converted into Onehit-Damage. So always rush it when wanting to go one-hit-damage. I decided to go shieldbow because i dont lack damage, only health/survivabilty and u want a crit-mythic for efficency.

Masteries for Supp-Senna:

The best Runes for Senna that u can always go, no matter the build, are the following:

Fleet - Presence of Mind - Legend: Alacrity - Cut Down - Boneplating (against poke lanes second wind) - Revitalize

Runes: Double Ad (same as jhin) - armor/mr

Why? Fleet procs on your q. The extra movementspeed lets u walk up to get the soul. u are allowed to even take bad trades. Boneplating for easier trades. Revitalize for better own Heals, for better Teammate-Heal, works with fleet and your ult shield. Rest should be self-explanatory.

On Senna u still have a lot of Mastery-choices.

If u wanna try/go grasp then do it with the Divine build. Lethal Tempo on the AS-Onehit-builds. Darkharvest with Lethality. First strike with Lethality.

Press the attack is not that good since u mostly wanna do 2 aa trades for ur soul (Sennas kit is designed that way).

Aery can be good in specific games but wouldnt recommend since the mastery-tree is really bad for her and also ur not supposed to only poke.

The Runes i first mentioned are the best and most tryhard ones. The rest is preference depending on playstyle and funfactor.

General Tips for Supp-Senna:

Senna is Itemwise the most adaptive Support there is, so always look what the Enemies have as Champs.

Against Nami/Raka/Sona and other Supports with Heal always rush executioners (if u want to go rageknife u can decide which one to build first).

Swap to sweeper only if u have ur Supportitem stacked so u dont lose the Ward>Q mechanic (which u can often swap really early since Senna is an oppressive Champ in lane).

Try to always be annoying when the enemy Adc tries to hit minions, play around bushes, have one ward in river alteast to be able to play aggressive and not get ganked (That goes for the Support role in general but with Senna u should really take ur focus on optimizing this).

Dont try to roam if u dont exactly know how. Senna is a good laningchamp and u should abuse the 2v2 lane as long as possible. U just lose soulefficency with bad roams. Its not worth the risk unless ur good at it (if ur lane is completly over its a different thing, but that also goes for the Support role in general. I dont want to get into Support-macro that much in this guide).

Senna scales with Souls so be Efficent. Try to get every soul u can get without dying. Outside of the lane try to move with ur jungler and sometimes even help him with the camps (Red-buff-side if possible). if u cant do that then cover your mates in a range were u dont tax too much xp and walk up when souls are dropping (Soul Drop Range > Xp-Range).

Cheesing in the lane is often bad. Souls that drop from waves always reveal that ur around.

Runaans Arrows work with her q passive-cd-reset. But only buy it when building one-hit and having over 120 souls atleast (3rd/4th item).

Drakes/Heralds are 2 free souls, if u have the time, be near to collect those (Its more worth to stand next to a wave soulwise).

Funfact: Nunu gives you also 2 souls since its Nunu AND Willump dying :P

Using your ult to only safe someone is rarely good. Rather assist/get Kills with it and keep it for fights that are important.

U can use ur e to help your jungler gank, make him walk in front of the edge of the e circle so he doesnt get spottet. Most enemies dont expect that, but also most Teammates dont see that option.

If u use ur w on a low minion (with w damage kiling it) it instantly stuns on spot.

Hardcounters to Supp-Senna are Pyke/Leona. Easy matchups are Enchanters. Bad Teammate picks are Ezreal/Ziggs since they often clear waves and take minions from far behind so u cant collect your souls properly.

Why do i not go support items like locket? It Doesnt fit Sennas Kit at all. It doesnt give u anything u want. If u wanna go locket dont pick Senna. There are better picks. Senna is not an enchanter. Her Heal/shield power goes up with ad. Being able to trade well > many souls > more ad > more heal/shield power. Thats what most support players that start to play her dont understand. Shes not like any other support.

Yes ive tried building deathsdance as an more safe item, but GA is just the better option.

Keep in mind that u dont wanna die too often since u cant get souls while dead and that really sucks for your efficency. So u have to get a good balance between playing aggressive and not dying (dont be shy and do limittesting to find that balance).

If u get over 100% critchance it will not be converted into One-hit damage when building guinsoos. Ur soul passive will be activated and the critchance over 100% will be converted into lifesteal as per usual.

Adc Senna

Most builds i mentioned already can also be played on Adc-Senna.

Since u are the main carry in your Team u want to have as much damage as u can (obviously Senna has a lot of utility and supportive tools in her kit but that doesnt change that u want to work as a carry, similar to Jhin)

There are 2 Main builds that u should go since Adc Senna is harder to pull off than support:


Kraken > Guinsoos >Rfc/Witsend/Runaans/Ga/Hexdrinker


Tear > Eclipse > Manamune > Serpents/Rfc/Edge of Night/sheryldas/Hexdrinker

The Divine build only works if u dont need to carry Damage-wise.

General Tips for Adc-Senna:

They nerfed the Adc-souldroprate on Senna really harsh so dont feel bad if u only have 40 souls minute 20.

Dont be mad if your jungler or another Teammate takes your cs, take the souls.

On adc Senna with tear start u can do the "Mind-Special" and spam ur q on ur teammate so the tear stacks (only works on champions, not towers or minions) u go base on min 1 or 1:10 to get ur mana back. If ur premade with ur support he also goes back with u so u can stack 2 more times while running to lane. U get a nice Mana-Headstart and have Tear stacked min 14. Also dont be too greedy with soul trades because playing a lane even will always benefit Adc Senna more than any other adc in the game. U will get ur souls when out of laningphase by running with ur jungler while he does camps (but only if the timing fits) or in Teamfights.

I did this guide in 1hour so if i forgot something thats worth a mention feel free to tell me. I also didnt try Tryforce or Imperial Mandate as mythic (but i dont think its that good) so i only wrote down the builds i experienced. Be aware that english is not my main language so things might get missunderstood or are not as clear explained. Also Senna is the most adaptive champ (playstyle- and buildwise) to exist, so the builds and how u wanna play the champ is mostly up to you and i respect every other opinion that people have on Senna. This guide is for the ones that struggle with the right builds and mastery-choices. I hope i can help a few people with this and maybe Senna gets even a bit more popular and more people see the potential this Champ has to offer. I Dont always have the time to answer everyone and every question so keep the questions unique if possible. You can find already ansered questions on the subreddit r/sennamains where i already posted this guide. I would be happy if u tell me the things u didnt know yet about Senna. Thanks for reading!

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