REJhin Mid -5.8 Mil Xp

Triple the death on 1/2 the farm

Best Overall Runes


Skill Priority




Best Overall Build


UNDERSTAND, I spent roughly 3 million xp playing

"Classic style Jhin" and experienced multiple layers

of dysfunction every game that neutralized

whatever progress I was making, and however unorthodox,

and even when I play a "perfect game" we Still lose, .

So I get an S, but I also get an L

3/3/22- This is Yesterday,

so SAVE the damage lectures,


We died 59x while I was busy farming to 263,

(conscious decision to farm less than (REJHIN style)

because I'm busy "PERFECTING", not fighting, or helping them since they suck. The shame isn't in sucking, both teams my have players that suck, the Sin is in letting a KNOWN deficit cost you without amending your strategy.

Players do this all the time, they play tunnel vision til 15 min, look up, and START making decisions;

> If they have living teammates, they START thinking MACRO

(I've roamed and killed 3 people by now

and taken a plate from Mid tower,

Avg 9 takedowns by 15 minutes,

That's CATALYST, NOT hiding in back.

> if they have bad teammates, they hit FF

You should be thinking MACRO from the lobby

if you're SERIOUS about it. and since you took to flaming me, it is now OFFICIALLY serious,

Don't punk out now, (58 reads, 1 like)

when you begin to realize, "Uh oh, there may be another way." because his numbers are DOUBLE PLATINUM minus damage and I'm adding PROOF every day.

Is your KDA EIGHT? Why would you

worship them at 2.9 kda and INSULT ME at 8?

--- Start of Police section-----

Are you all THAT petty? I had to file a POLICE report to stop the DEATH THREATS from a pack of platinum players,


who took down my Riot acct, my twitch acct, my twitter and youtube accounts, I had to get another PHONE NUMBER, and let 1000 football players know that, its taken 5 months, had to switch carriers, new carrier took my money, then never functioned, old company kept billing me, so now TWO bills for ONE non working phone, 3rd trip THIS week to Xfinity to fix it

and I'm in the MIDDLE of cancer radiation, I DONT NEED THIS CRAP from GAMING and I especially don't need Riot to side with the VANDALS. My Lawyer is making headway though, Sad its taking that

They sent me 400 messages in game, I couldn't block somehow, while I'm playing OTHER PEOPLE, and If I mute chat, I cant hear my TEAM while I'm playing so I still suffer needlessly.

I played against them ONE TIME EVER. and they HUNTED ME. THEY invited ME to a game, I got ZYRA, three of them stopped, sat in the bushes and flamed me for 30 min straight, then reported me, then I GOT Permabanned!!! , for Jhin strategy they don't like WHILE I'M PLAYING ZYRA!!! Find that wildly unfair? COMPLAIN TO RIOT, my account is still closed. 3 MILLION Jhin Xp, ( XerXesX) and the respect that came with that) skins, 180k blue essence, 189 keys GONE, THEY WON,

This game was how I dealt with two comas and now a 2nd cancer, I'd hate to discover this game is the cancer. Help me RIOT willingly

TODAY, I can't even post on REDDIT r/JhinMains, the Moderator blocked me for a YEAR after

I spent 22 minutes in the group and posted THIS

(minus the Police section)

coached a guy who ASKED for help 3 min after I posted it, He LOVED It,

I come back, IM BLOCKED, then TOOK MY IDEA AND IS MAKING VIDEOS ABOUT IT as if he invented it.

"Yeah I was fooling around one day" and.." (that's a complete lie) (check Jhin mid PLAY history

I AM JHIN MID HISTORY, RossBoomsocks was flaming me on Youtube 4 years ago over it. SALTY TEEMO BLOCKED ME 5 years ago then showed my JHIN MID, videos at least 2x a day for 6 mos, to make fun of me. Either we can both have platforms, or we can't, he can't just TAKE MINE. MUTE ME, THEN CLAIM IT, which is what IS HAPPENING.

I KeepItTaco is a THIEF. You JUST READ the proof.

---------------------------End of Police section_----

"You just hide in back", (my kill participation % is .5 below PLATINUM) over 1000 games, not a hotstreak,

that's my AVERAGE

and I spend at LEAST half the game begging for MY teammates to engage, or having to mute their wave off " pings since they cant attack. Then hide behind me all game and blame me for not carrying WHILE THEY WATCH.

Sound familiar?.

As a retired HOF football coach/QB, rotating blame

(Support, Jg, Mid, Top, Teamwork, AFK, Smurfs, toxicity) was/is no comfort to me.

The entire thrust of this build is to enable a 40 minute game, If it ends in 20, whatever build you PLANNED on, is useless. Your teammates will quit before you can use it.

This build boots up and is gank ready in 3-4 min, I can force a surrender at 18 min, and more than half my wins are pre20 min, where i was in on the first FIVE TAKEDOWNS of the game, and that's as MID.

This build will enable you to withstand non stop gank attempts usually (5 by 10 min) and hyper-aggressive lane foes who don't respect your build AND

You will have enough extra resources to ROAM and support

weak teammates before they feed the game away. You are also free to match Marauders (packs of 3 or MORE) who pillage even the best teammates, who stand no chance if you don't help, while the pack prevents you from towering safely to offset the pressure. 

Jhin mid 9-0-4 MVP


----- REJHIN BUILD TRAITS----------------------------------LT


*CATALYST- AVERAGE of 10 takedowns by 15 min

*THEY'RE EVERYWHERE- avg 4 ganks/game

*PARTY STARTER - in 80% of fights in 1st 15 min

*PICKUP ARTIST - 4+ picks /game

*ELITE SKIRMISHER-75-100% Skirmish win rate

*TEAMFIGHT GOD 75-100% win rate

*SURVIVOR - 3 or fewer deaths in 78% of my game

37 of my games NO DEATHS (82% win rate in those)

#81 in N.America at not dying (0.9 deaths at 15 min)


-Reached Gold last season, Currently silver with 9 placement games to go, Been playing since 2010, used to main Brand, and Karth Mid, Posted 5.8 mil xp on Jhin #3 in North America, My best role statistically is Jhin Support,


as I play the game for teamwork, and don't require farm. So I relish assists over S's , but I main mid because I prefer action over farming.

-Why Jhin?


I love the volume of attack spells, including playing with 2 aggressive summoner spells, I don't load Heal, and rarely (less than once a month) use Flash, Last season I ranked #81 (0.90 deaths @15 min). Since I really struggle at farming, ( I just cracked 5cs/min, but I'm 54, so I'm not expecting a massive improvement any time soon)

I had to devise a way to avoid being victimized before

I get my first item, or before I farm to 50 and my team

has already lost top and bottom.

Employing 7 attack spells,

(Q, W, E, R and 4th basic Crit)

3 of which require no mana, (Crit /Exh /Ign)

keeps REJhin a constant threat with much less downtime.

The aggressive summoners spells also fill the TIME GAP in Jhin's 4 count attack cycle.

QUALITY gankers who time attacks properly get SHOCKED by IGN and EXH, that most Jhin's don't carry.


Prepare for ROLE BULLYING as short-sided teammates try to force you to ADC short-sided.

TRIPLE KILL SURRENDER- I have a 98.9 THROW RATE from getting a huge lead, then all the flamers who told me it wouldn't work, LOOK STUPID and QUIT, and are gone by the time you get back to the lobby.

The biggest drawback is getting reduced credit for not NEEDING farm. With this style a 11-0-12 game is an A+

due to lower damage and normally in wins, less than 100 farm, but I'll Ill take the 56-80%win rate. Contrast that with my win rate when I exceed 150 farm, 17%!!!.

You can keep your shoes on to do that math.

So climbing is really difficult even though I'm the Ace or MVP in 35% of games. Team appreciation of an ACTUAL game with ACTUAL TEAMFIGHTS is my reward. Finding out you were the MVP after 30 minitues of being flamed and ping bombed is HILARIOUS. I average 130 instant feedback reports PER SEASON reporting trolls.

The 2nd biggest obstacle is teammates failing to understand that your constant AVAILABILITY is worth more TEAMWISE, (esp. to weaker players) than being stuck on location, the first 20 min, farming to 150 then trying to carry, Most games, esp vs better teams are decided, if not over, by then. As a result, they stop playing during your roams, then die immediately after you leave, then blame you for not killing everyone, while they sat in the bushes typing about your build, thereby WASTING the extra resources that powered your roam and created the numbers advantage, that your opponent have no problem capitalizing on 20 seconds later.

The CONVENTIONAL power curve purchased by gold is arguably 8-11 min.

The REJHIN Power curve using mechanics is about 3 min.

as soon you level (2) W, You now have a Basic, a trap, a stun, ignite and exhaust, AND LOTS OF REGEN, vs someone with 2 spells tied up in self-preservation ,

and a spell they can only use once every 20 seconds.

The early power curve helps you weather the

"Let's cripple Jhin before he gets started since he's so squishy" storm, since EVERYONE knows and WILL TELL YOU the math on dam/ attack speed/ crit etc. This is the reason my kda nearly Doubled per tier.

1.8 Iron 3.6 Bronze 5.4 Silver to 8 Gold last season. The more experienced players assume your game is damage the more room they afford you, or the harder they dive, both of which backfire.

I currently yield about 8 takedowns by the 15 min mark.

After one successful early gank or invasion, I can invest in the dam I skipped, and face my Laner with the same dam they have and VASTLY SUPERIOR REGEN. That's how I can register triple Platinum Jhin Mid takedowns (8.03 to 2.58)

on HALF THE FARM (3.6 to 6.8) for a whole season.


Since Jhin is dirt slow and the first target in most engagements, I gave up wasting slots on speed, so no flash, and boots late if at all. With the extra slot saved by COMMITTING I can gain CC enabling more damage,

(Smite, Ignite, Exhaust) and reducing ALL manner of gank threats. It would seem to follow that you would die more by running less, but the exact opposite is true,

#81 in N. America wasnt a joke.

-Embed your YT or Twitch with the "/Video & Streams" module below.

https://youtu.be/sq-BGOs0idg 9-0-4 Ranked Mid

https://youtu.be/1G358eVq5yI 8-1-15 vs Yone MID

https://youtu.be/7q2c5LslDBQ 9-1-7 Triple kill/Surrender (throw)

Runes (Loadout)

Runes vs ranged, and visible gankers, focus on mana regen, to power your TRAP MATRIX, the key to your survival playing Jhin Mid. Waterwalking seals your commitment to roam,

Vs Melee and invisible gankers, Switch to Gathering storm. Many people have no idea that Jhin's traps are AP powered, and will flame you when they see you going hybrid.

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  • New Group

Summoner Spells (Loadout)

EXHAUST is a staple replacement for FLASH

it allows you to handle tanks, and survive, if not punish, pop-up up champs like Teemo, Twitch, Shaco, Eve, Kayn, and Zeri.

IGNITE vs closers, champs who need close proximity to kill you, Not only Yas, Yone, Rammus, but also hard to target champs like Fizz, Camille, and Akshan.

The beauty of Unsealed Spellbook, is the unpredictablity

of your engagement matrix,

Rotation order,

1) Start w Ignite/ Smite

You are now ready to win or repel invasions w/ Smite

Starting w/ Traps allows you to control traffic during invasions, slow unsuspecting jg'ers and

"minefielding" your escape.

2m) vs Melee (HEAL)

2r) vs ranged farmer (CLARITY)

3) *8 min in / LvL 6 (TELEPORT) ult gank

really helps weaker teammates

4) SMITE - dragons

5) Clarity - I try to save this for a roam or in extending a teamfight, but it can easily tip the balance 1v1 in lane.

and I frequently either shock a prowling jg'er who thought I was on E, and bore a stalking jger waiting for me to run low.

They wasted 45 seconds and realize I'm never going to stop shooting, and leave. I can elect to back or not during the first 15 min, My choice.

Controlling mid and NOT feeding is the core to every win.

Upon backing I will use Barrier and Cleanse at base to reset /reduce the cooldown and allow me to cycle back to a more useful battle spell.

  • Summs (Role 1)

Skill Path

Biggest tactical variant is opening with traps (E)

I can place 2-3 traps in high strategy locations,

Dissuade invasions, and ruin camp charges,

which you can expect, when people see Jhin mid.

You can also expect MANY fewer ganks from your Jger because you picked mid, so you are all the more in charge of your own security. It is critical to discourage any and all who want to charge you because of perceived squishiness. 70% of the videos in my 'Triple Kill Follies" are 1v3 dives when I'm surrounded. I stopwatch/GA and walk away from unscathed,

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Item Builds

REJhin used to be MORE potent,

I had a 28.70 - 10 game kda streak) but they nerfed

Guardian Angel pushing it from 10 - 15 min before 1st use

Dark Ages- I used to get 50 bonus trap AP from roam assists by FIFTEEN MINUTES

Smite - I had a video of over 50 SMITE kills w Jhin

I have 10 so far this year, but it requires more precise timing since they reduced the dam to 200 vs Champs

  • Item Set 1

Matchups and Synergies

The "/Tier List" module below lets you rank matchups or synergies.

The "/Item Description" module underneath lets you add specific info for each pairing. Click Add New Item to add a champion and the dropdown arrow to add unique tips like starting items, skill order, and power curve.

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Remember: you're the expert, not us. Add the content you want, whether it's combos or custom assets. Happy writing!



GOLD 5.8 Million Xp on Jhin #3 in North America 2.9 mil - XerXesX 1.8 Mil - XinaXerXesX .9 Mil JhinCombatSchool aka REJHIN aka JhinWSmite aka OriginalJhinMid


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