Midlane Guide S12

Midlane macro in depth


The most powerful thing in League of Legends is farm. The more you farm the stronger you get (ancient korean philosopher)! So let's figure out how to farm properly and get 10 CS per minute in every game !

At the beginning let me explain you three farm zones on the map

There are 3 farm zones :

1.Neutral zone - The Zone where you push the wave into enemy tower (It can be longer than on the photo if you've already destroyed t1 or t2) 2.Collection zone - The Zone where you catching the enemy waves pushed into your tower 3.Pressure zone = Enemie's collection zone (I'll explain later)

Why it is important ? => When you miss the big wave under your tower that's a very big loss. So sprinting over the map to find fights is a very big mistake if you miss waves under your tower and give your opponents opportunity to splitpush. Make sure you catch all possible waves in collection zone and push in neutral zone (if needed [explain that in wave control]). That will 100% help you to get as much farm as possible. As i said before farm is the most important thing in League of Legends. That means that your opponents want to farm too. So if you push the wave into the pressure zone that will cause a reaction from your opponents (They can catch you or one of them come there to just farm it). That can be actually a play if u need to zone someone from their team. And should understand that enemies can also do that to cause your reaction. So the main point is to do sensible moves over the map and trying to do not miss any possible farm or opportunity to catch an enemie's mistakes.

Wave control

There are 3 types of wave control :

1. Freeze - holding an enemie`s bigger wave close to your tower

Use freeze if you need your opponent to lose farm and make him more gankable To make freeze you should hold 2-4 caster minions out of your tower range (look on the pic)

Pros : 1. You can safely farm under your tower and avoid enemy jungler ganks 2. Make your opponent more gankable 3. If you can't roam you can make your opponent lose farm

Cons : 1. Your main point until the late game is to make plays on the map so if you are only sitting under your tower and freeze you are useless teammate (of course if there's no chance to roam u should freeze or hardpush and get plates) 2. Enemy jungler will always sitting on other sides (95%/5% sometimes it's useful) 3. Can't roam objects as fast as your opponent that have pushed wave into you 4. You lose too much HP if the opponent have pushed the wave very fast

2. Hardpush - pushing the wave as fast as possible

Use it if you need to crash your wave into enemie's tower (And maybe take some plates) To make hardpush you just need to kill enemie's minions as fast as possible (look on the pic)

Pros : 1. After hardpush you can easily roam to other map 2. U get bunch of gold if your opponent left the lane and he misses all minions too

Cons : 1. If you hardpush wave without any reasons your opponent can freeze it (So do it sensible !)

3. Slowpush - pushing the wave slowly to crash into bigger wave

Use slow push if you need to crash into bigger wave than in hardpushing 1.To make slow push u should stack your waves by killing enemie's minions slowly and than crash big wave into the tower. 2.OR if you are side laning (mid-lategame) kill all caster minions => Your waves will be stacking more and more and still crash into the tower without your help (You can use this before object spawns to get here and make a big play by distracting opponent or making them lose a bunch of farm)

Pros : 1.1 When you are crashing bigger wave you have more time to roam or make any other plays 2.1 Cheater recall 1.2 That's how macro game works (That's always the best play if you have no time to hardpush the wave)

Cons : 1.1 Your opponent can easily build a freeze if u suddenly decided to left the lane (So if you need to left your lane let you hard shove it at first)

Why it's important ? That knowledge gives you more opportunity to roam and make the right plays on the map. Because you always understand what are you losing and what are you gaining. That will also help you don't miss any CS by doing random plays with your wave and minimize opponent's CS.

Wave crashes at the beginning of the game (Also important thing that everybody ignores)

1st wave crash - Never do it in SoloQ (Opponent's wave will stuck close to his tower and you will be too gankable) 2nd wave crash - Guarantees you good invade into enemy jungle with your jungler 3rd wave crash - The safest option if you aren't invading enemy jungle and guarantees you cheater recall if you slow push properly (Also can help your jungler with crab if recall doesn't really needed)

And we are moving on to the most important thing in midlaning (in my opinion)


Have you ever thought why freezing the wave under tower and stay 1/0/0 with 10 CS per minute don't makes you perfect midlaner ? So let's figure it out how to become perfect midlaner !

1. Everyone thinks that only jungler must help you but actually you as a midlaner also should help him when you have time to do that. Do not forget that opponent's jungler very dangerous on the map too. So respect that if you don't make any plays on the map do not suprise that your team will just die against his ganks.

So let's start with term like pressuring the map : How does it works ? When you make aggresive plays on lane (or it's invades in enemy jungle or toplane/botlane dives or objective roams). All of this will instigate opponents to shift on you on your team.

1st. Aggressive plays on lane will instigate enemy jungler to shift on your lane (If you know that you will always survive or you shouldn't do this if there is a risk to give up shutdown/there is an object you must come for/you just don't want to risk because you want to roam something). Main point there is to take away enemy jungler on you to secure your laners (the longer you live the better)

2nd. Invades in enemy jungle is very important because that play can enhance your jungler and kick away enemy jungler's farm for 3 minutes. That mean that for enemy jungler it will be much harder to gank someone. Or catch him at scuttle crab will be also great decision.(Of course u should understand risks and if you lose too much farm or you don't confident in your jungler you shouldn't do plays that are too risky)

3rd. Dives under the tower is kinda difficult play so if you don't want to risk it's better to do another type of roam (4th) that easier and not risky

What to pay attention at first to easy dive someone : 1. If the wave is slowpushing properly it can be an easy dive (because of the ammount of minions can tank tower) 2. Or if you have suitable champ or your teammate have that's also can be an easy dive 3. If the wave is too small there is a risk that someone dies from tower 4. There are a lot of champions that are really hard to dive so if you have another option to roam that will be more useful than very risky dive i think you shouldn't dive champ you are not confident in.

4th. Common roam = Counter gank or catch the enemie who was hardpushing the wave not safely. You just shift on other lane to kill the opponents that lingered too long in the pressure zone or you know that enemie jungler going to gank that lane and you are doing counter gank.

5th. Object roams also important especially on lower ranks (where team that hasn't got drake soul will never outscale enemy team). So it's great if you join your team in object contest (if that's possible of course)

That's the final roaming paths map :


At first you think that it's impossible to keep tracking of all things you have read before but than all of that will become a habit. Now let's talk how to track jungler and why that's useful for us and for our teammates. 1. When we completely understand where the enemy jungler is that help us to make right decisions. Because most of them are based on where he is. 2. We can also make sure our teammates where jungler is by shotcalling.

Now let me show how your basic start of the game should look like.

1st. Look at the toplane or botlane and if you see that someone doesn't come there fo a long time that means that enemy jungler has started from bot/topside. 2nd. Pay attention what type of jungler you play against : 1. If there is farm junglers he wants to farm full jungle and only than come to side where he finish farming. (That's why you should understand where he has started) (Usual timing 3:10-3:15) [For ex : Shyvana Evelynn Graves Nocturne]

2.Tripple-Four camp junglers wants to get level 3 as fast as he can and get kill that help him win the jungle (Usual timing 2:40) [Viego Lee Sin]

3. Junglers that don't really cares about timings and farm can gank you when they want to [Nunu Zac]. How to counter them ? Play safely as possible (You can also write that to your team) until level 5-6. And make plays only if you see them on the map and there is no risk to get ganked by him. 3rd. If you have no clue what enemy jungler is doing right now try to suppose it by understanding what teammate is the mosy vunerable right now (Maybe that can help but most of the time there is just stupid jungler that don't cares about anything) 4th. If you know where the enemy jungler is try to take the opposite side of the LANE.


Warding is important too :D Because this also provides us making better decisions and help our teammates navigate on the map.

1st. NEVER DROP 2 WARDS AT THE SAME TIME ! (if that's not a mid-late game and that's really needed) 2nd. As i said main point of warding is to navigate the map better => making right decisions. So DO NOT THROW YOUR WARD INTO RANDOM PLACE !

It's hard to explain how to use your ward perfect every time so let me just show the basic wards idea and then you will try to expand this knowledge by yourself.

1. To Save yourself from gank + enemy jungler pathing towards top/bot or crab 2. To See his pathing towards topside/mid or catch him on the red buff 3. Deep ward if needed to see his jungle pathing 4. To See his invades into your jungle + his pathing towards bot/topside 5. To See midlaner roams top/botlane 6. To See if midlaner trying to roam top/botlane (Gives you information about pathing jungler or support through mid but gives you less information about top/botside of the map than [5.])

Pinkwards helps you to path through the map more safely and disturb enemies too. So don't forget to buy it. 1.1 To secure your roams to bot/toplane (Depends on where your opponent threw his ward) 2.1 To secure your roams + vision against enemy jungler (Use it if your opponent trew ward here and you want to secure yourself)


I want to give you the last important piece of macro with honor ! What units all parts of my midlane macro guide and what should you pay attention to ?

Main part of carrying the game is to get more farm than your opponents and securing lead. So most of your plays should start with question ("What do I get by doing this and what will i lose ?" And what chance to ruin the game by doing risky play or what chance that i win and carry this by doing that.) [For ex : (Botlane have already got gank) if i roam my botlane i have small chance to turn the tide this situation but if i hardpush the wave and get 100% profit that will help me for the rest of the game] That was the easiest example of this but if you will start understanding it I can proudly call you the perfect midlaner !


Trading on lane is significant because if you beat your opponent in trades that can actually help you to make plays around the map (Because your opponent just back off to base) or you can kill him after few trades (Maybe even kill jungler/both of them when he will be helping his midlaner)

To win trades u should understand your champion limits and power really good. So all i can advice you to win trades or get better understanding of matchup is play more on champ you one trick but here's some essentials : 1st. Be agressive when playind ranged vs melee matchup 2nd. Be more passive when playing melee vs ranged matchup until level you need 3rd. Respect the poke and try to dodge enemy abilities to don't drop yor HP for free 4th. If you know that you are the most vunarable lane on the map try to avoid big trades to avoid ganks

SoloQ Mentions

1st. That's really good to one trick champion but it'll be better if you will expand your champ pool. (It's always great to have : Assasin Engage Poke and Disengage [Maybe even bruiser] champ in your pool) Of course if you have time and desire. 2nd. Do not overthink some plays in the game because most of the time you will get 9 idiots that have no clue what they are doing. So just humble yourself that you can't always read the game because of this.


[Yeah, I've done this pics in Paint SHEEEESH]



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