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Greetings fellow top laners! This guide is made for the off-meta gang, so please scrolling if you are a meta-slave. SO LETS GET RIGHT INTO IT NOWWWWWW!!! NO TIME WASTING INTRO, STRAIGHT INTO THE GUIDE MATEEEEEEEEE.

This strategy is a completely new version of jhin, your goal is not to farm and

scale up. Jhin top is a solo killing monster that cannot be counterpicked.


Laning Lvl 1 In lane at level 1 - Jhin takes Q. Using it on the 3 melee minions to finish them all off, ideally bouncing it onto the enemy champion. He waits and does the same with the ranged minions, immediatly getting him wave push and starting his first strategy. Jhin wants to have complete control of the wave and stay ahead of his enemy. Thanks to being ranged - even at level 1 he can take big auto attack trades, and just kite away from any damage. This is where you want to use your range advantage even in matchups you would think are unwinnable - like an irelia - she has no way to beat you level 1, so its important to poke and get level 2 first. Lvl 2 - At level 2- Jhin takes his W. He keeps pushing and harassing, making sure to grow his wave to ensure enemies cannot even think about fighting him. If they jump into the wave, he presses his W, locking them inside his minions and winning the trade. Even this early on - jhin can 1 shot squishy champions thanks to his ignite. Our player takes ignite flash every game since it combos so well with 4th shot for kills in lane. His goal is to get enemies to 120HP with abilities and ignite so that his 4th bullet will always finish them off in 1 hit. Ignite is good for kills, and it replaces any need to buy any anti healing items. Lvl 3 - At level 3 - Jhin takes another point in his Q and can hard pressure enemies for a kill. He has now poked the enemy top down and stacked a wave on their tower. A Q ignite into a 4th bullet under tower is all he needs to finish off the kill. This happens a crazy amount, with people not respecting his gameplan. IF he can get poke in these first 3 levels, this dive will work every time in any matchup. Jhin enters the game going for this exact plan every game, meanwhile enemies have no clue what to do against a jhin top lane that they think might be trolling. Your goal is to keep enemies low so that they have no options. It doesnt matter if you are squishy or immobile if they are on 200HP - they cannot risk fighting you. This is partially why he cannot be counterpicked as well as the fact that - no master player is going to assume they are playing against jhin top. And so enemies get surprised in loading screen and try to adapt. The enemy jungler always tries to gank him early on, sometimes dying to him 1v1, or being avoided by clever jhin positioning. If the enemy jungler has started bot side to gank him, jhin has seen this happen 1000 times - actually probably more. So he can just walk back out of vision to avoid it. 2:35 for fast clear junglers, 3:10 onwards for slower full clear junglers. But he doesnt have to rely only on his positioning: He wards early and starts placing traps in very specific spots: To avoid ganks you want to place them in the shortest path as that is where junglers will run to get to you, so near chokepoints and walls, But traps also have another use. Kiting - If jhin is in an overextended position - instead of planning to run away - he plans to kite enemies into their deaths, stacking traps on top of each other nearby out of vision - so when the enemy chases him - he can lock them down with W and they will take an extra500 damage just from an extra couple of traps which can be a free kill. Jhin keeps focusing on staying ahead of the enemy in Xp - so that when he gets level 6 - he can again do another dive strategy. Using his full burst from abilities, grabbing ult and using it long range to snipe enemies under tower. If you have poked enemies down - this will be enough to kill them. Getting ult first means you can win the lane immediately, if you are 2nd you are likely dead to a camille ult or a tryndamere diving you.If enemies instead engage on him - he focuses on kiting and using auto damage to finish off the kill, and then instead ults after they die. The purpose of this is to instantly push the wave, firing all 4 high aoe damage bullets through the minions, immediately getting his wave to tower. This gets him a couple of plates, so he can base and do it again. A couple of early kills and jhin's damage is more than enough to take tower solo..

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