Jarvan IV Jungle Guide

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Runes (Loadout)

Generally, the typical bruiser build is what people of think of when they think Jarvan, but the tank build and supportive build can be better in certain situations.

  • Bruiser
  • Tank
  • Supportive

Summoner Spells & Items Loadout

For builds and gameplay, you can look at Agurin [EUW] and King Nidhogg [NA], both play Jarvan at a high level. Agurin prefers the meta Goredrinker and Conqueror, while King Nidhogg prefers tank and utility.

  • Spells and Items

Common Mistakes:

One of the biggest mistakes on Jarvan is EQing too far. Ideally, place E on the other side of the enemy so that it hits and then Q in. Another mistake is trapping your squishy carry with the enemy inside of your R. Also, note that a lot of champs can just dash out of your R, so make sure to either use it as a final move with R+AA or that you R after their dash. Also, you can use R to get their flash and then R again when they don't have flash for a guaranteed kill.

How to Run Away:

One useful tip for running away is walking behind the enemy while they are chasing and then max distance EQ away so that they get knocked up. Also, in case their dash is on cooldown or they don't have a dash, you can R+EQ away so that they are trapped (very useful against Master Yi.


With all junglers, it's best to pick a lane where your laner has CC and/or their laner has low mobility. When your laner lands a slow or a rooting ability, just EQ and the kill is secured. If you are ganking a lane where your laner has no CC, you should try to hold your EQ for as long as possible in order to force out the flash before you go in. So, just begin the gank by pressing W to slow and then AA, hopefully with red buff for the extra slow. Cheese tip: Gank on cannon waves to have a higher chance that the opponent walks up too far. By the way, waves spawn every 30 seconds, every third wave is a cannon wave, the first wave spawns at 1:05. So, the 1st cannon wave spawns at 2:05, 2nd at 3:35, 3rd at 5:05. The top/bot minions reach the middle of the lane in 32 seconds, the mid minions reach the middle of the lane in 22 seconds. Using this information, it is a good idea to, for example, gank top at ~2:40. Also, you will be level 3 while the laners are level 2.


Jarvan is pretty average at clearing, but one tip is to AA slightly before the circle on the monster disappears, maximizing your passive's damage. To gank early, do Red+Raptors+Gromp or Blue+Gromp+Red. If you are going to full clear, get the 2nd point in E at level 3, that way you have a higher DPS, and then upgrade W at level 4 to gank. In addition, you can pull Gromp and Blue together to hit them both with Q and E. Also, QE does more damage than EQ if you are right next to the monster because you will not need to do the dashing animation.


Jarvan is really bad in 1v1s if you do not land your full EQ combo, so you need to surprise your opponent from outside of their vision to have a good chance of winning.


E+Q, very useful in most cases (you can buffer CC such as dragon knockback or Blitzcrank hook if you Q slightly before the CC hits you [aka the casting time ends during the CC]). Also, note that your R makes you unstoppable. Flash+E+Q, maximum range knockup but they will probably flash. E+Q+Flash, guaranteed knockup if you flash in the middle of your dash but less damage. Q+E/+R, maximum burst, very good on assassin Jarvan although not covered. Just throw in your W to slow your target of choice.

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