In-depth Kindred Jungle Guide By Three Challengers

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Hey guys its Trieuloo, I am an ADC player who is primarily known for hitting Challenger playing Kindred ADC

I do this because I primarily just enjoy playing offmeta, and have reached Rank 1 while playing these “ADC” champions "technically"

So the reason I wanted to write this guide is because a lot of my community have been asking “what build do I go on Kindred, or “is this matchup bad for kindred” so in this in-depth Kindred guide I want to answer all of your Frequently Asked Questions about Kindred ADC, ALONGSIDE with covering Mid and Jungle Kindred. And as well as covering tips and tricks that you may not have known about Kindred. This guide is going to be fully written by me: Trieuloo, but I will be asking for advice and tips from two other NA Challenger kindred mid and jg players named nuri, and kindo.


So in this guide we are going to be discussing and going over 12 things: This guide will be outlining why you should play kindred, kindred’s abilities, and their special interactions, the best way to mark enemies alongside with predicting jungle marks. The different build paths of Kindred:

Immortal Shieldbow
for survivability & damage,
Kraken Slayer
for pure damage,  and
Divine Sunderer
Trinity Force
for great survivability.  We will also be going over what items you want to go after your mythic as well as explaining why every situational item is good in certain scenarios because Kindred is very flexible. Afterwards we are going to be talking about optimal rune setup which will go over the strengths & weaknesses of conqueror, pta, and hail of blades alongside with their secondary runes setups. 

This will be a general section explaining every single rune setup and their benefits, and will be split into three guides: Mid, Jungle, and ADC. With everything split we are then going to be explaining every single matchup (in a format where it's easiest matchups, hardest matchups, and everything in between), alongside with their synergies for each of the categories respectively. Just note that we are not going to be going TOO in depth on laning, because that will take forever, but I do have videos on how to play kindred ADC on my channel as well as you can check out kindo on his stream here , and nuri on his stream as well . This guide overall took A LONG time to make (~300 hours) alongside with finding the time to collaborate with these awesome other kindred players so I hope you enjoy!

Why Should you play Kindred?

Chances are if you have played league of legends before, you have encountered a Kindred prancing around acting like a God upon the rift: saving teammates as they feel the need to, as well as marking and killing enemies they see fit. As a matter of fact this is also all happening while they dance around your whole team seemingly taunting you every second. This majestic champion while being beautiful to watch through their aesthetically appealing skins, alongside with their beautiful chromas boast a high, but fun skill ceiling where you can feel like you are always learning more about the champion every day. If any of these are things that you love, I assure you that kindred may be the champion for you. 

Even if not, here are 5 more reasons why Kindred may be the champion for you.

5 reasons Kindred may be the champion for you 

#1 Lore 

 They have a very in-depth and interesting lore that all could enjoy. Did I just say they, yes I did. Kindred in fact is actually a champion consisting of two entities, a lamb and a wolf. To put the lore very simply and concisely, basically they are both in charge of death, and making sure people die. Sort of like a grim reaper, but brought upon the league of legends universe.  Lamb would be the one who kills the ones who stay still, and accept their deaths while Wolf kills the ones who ran. They are often respected and known throughout all the regions, and even get rituals held up to them in these regions. The only region being exempt would be shadow isles which include champions such as Thresh, and Karthus, but even then Kindred is still looking for them to finally end these abominations who escaped death. This lore goes WAY more in-depth, but if you would like to check it out I would highly recommend watching Necrit’s two videos on kindred: 

OR by researching it more by yourself. I can guarantee that this story has a lot of girth to it, and you would not be disappointed by delving deeper into it.

#2 Flexibility 

As stated in the overview, this guide is actually going to be written by THREE Challenger Kindred players all in their respective roles. This shows the flexibility of the champion, and how they work universally anywhere, and everywhere. Also being capable to go many different item paths, each having their own benefits. Galeforce if the enemies are longer range, Kraken if they have tanks and you want to deal more damage, shieldbow if you want survivability, and divine sunderer/trinity force if they have assassins that utilize the item of serpent’s fang. This shows how diverse the champion is, and the endless amount of play styles you can have. Making Kindred a great one trickable champion, because of the endless options that you have, as well as different ways to play the game. 


#3 Playable all the way to Pro Scene in 3 roles:

Kindred as a champion can legitimately be played in high-elo, as well as professionally across all three roles. Even though they have seen the most presence in the jungle, as of recently we have been seeing Kindred sprout up in both the mid, and bot lane, both working very successfully. We have seen many notable people such as Perkz pull out the Kindred midKindred adc being played in LPL + LCK, and Kindred jungle being seen all throughout every region.

#4 Strong Throughout All Phases

They are also champions that have no inherent weakness, because they have a strong early game, mid game, and late game. Kindred used to have a lull in the mid game where she felt very awkward dealing less damage, but with season 11 and marksman items being so great, they have never been in a better spot. With their mark system giving infinite scaling alongside great item curves, and damage output, they are a champion where if you know the limits perfectly there is no real “weak spot” that can be abused.


Kindred is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically appealing champions in the game through their beautiful spirit blossom skinline, and now their porcelain skinline. Hell, even their default skin is really nice. The amount of detailing that went through the champion, as well as the chromas for spirit blossom make Kindred at least a  top 3 champion aesthetically in league of legends if not at the top. Also since Kindred’s spirit blossom, and porcelain skinline IS included in the blue essence emporium you are able to buy all the chromas, and with 290 RP buy the ruby chroma for spirit blossom which personally is my favorite. Sadly the other chromas were for the spirit blossom/porcelain event, so they are no longer obtainable. Realistically you will never see the other skins, because Spirit Blossom and porcelain are way too good of a skin for a cheaper price of 1350 RP.

Kindred's Abilities / Special Interactions

Before we get into this section… NO I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT QUOTES. If you want to see those you can check out Kindred’s quote page on league fandom (https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Kindred/LoL/Audio).

PASSIVE: Mark Of The Kindred

Wolf’s Marking System (jungle)

Starting off Wolf’s marks is down to a system where certain camps are marked periodically based upon the camp’s respawn timer, as well as being based upon your marks. Looking at this chart here:

It shows all the possibility of marks at different stages of the game. These marks starting at 3:15 mark a RANDOM large monster in the ENEMY’s jungle for 180 seconds which is highlighted for both teams to see. The cooldown for these marks spawning is 180 seconds long, and the mark disappears from the minimap 15 seconds after it’s killed. BUT if kindred’s team does not have vision the mark will be removed from the map ONCE wolf’s cooldown has expired. If the cooldown is already refreshed after three minutes the next mark will be spawned in 45 seconds.  These cooldowns are NOT shown in game, and can be seemingly random with wolf not marking anything randomly at certain times with you just having to wait. Also you do not obtain marks by KILLING the marked target, but rather for a TAKEDOWN which is either an assist or a kill. This is especially important for mid  & ad kindred where you only have to tag (or hit the large monster) to obtain a mark. Just remember that the takedown period is within the last 6 seconds, and HAS to be your teammate who kills the marked target. Using this information on how Wolf’s marking system works, you could assume where the jungler is after the mark disappears, and predict when, and where jungle camps are going to become marked. Getting the hang of all mark spawns and deactivations is a tool that a great Kindreds would use to track the enemy jungler, and obtain themselves a sizable lead.

Lamb’s Marking System (champions)

While wolf’s marks are on enemy jungle camps, lamb marks enemy champions where they can be marked at any point of the game every 75 seconds. However targets that have successfully been hunted, CAN NOT be marked again for another 4 minutes. These marks take a total of 8 seconds to get fully completed, and if you kill the enemy champion while it is loading YOU DO NOT obtain the mark for that kill. Also keep in mind that if you get a mark from a kill THIS DOES NOT change the mark on the jungle camp unless someone has taken the mark. Another thing is that lamb’s passive marking system actually DOES NOT only have to be controlled by the HUD, and can be controlled using hotkeys. These are automatically set to SHIFT F1 - F5 keys, BUT can be changed in the settings. (see below) This actually does not seem very huge for kindred, BUT by using this feature you are actually able to mark enemies while you are in combat. This is very huge, because this can change from you obtaining only one mark, to having two marks in one fight. Which allows you to be able to hit the 4 mark spike earlier and obtaining the extra 75 range a tad bit sooner. 

Kindred’s Passive Scaling

Now that we know how Kindred’s marking system works, you may wonder “Why is it important?”  That is a great question. Everything I just told you about now is irrelevant… No just kidding. Kindred is a unique champion in a sense that they scale through successful hunts which increases all her basic abilities.  Kindred’s Q, Dance of arrows gains an additional 5% attack speed bonus per stack, Kindred’s W, wolf’s frenzy gains 1% current health damage per stack, and Kindred’s E mounting dread gains an additional 0.5% missing hp damage per stack. These are all good minor buffs and give a GREAT incentive to hunt out for marks as Kindred. But the biggest aspect of why you want to hunt for marks is because of the increase of attack range. Kindred starts off with a base number of 500 attack range which increases once you reach 4 marks. This number increasing by 75 is Kindred’s BIGGEST spike which allows Kindred to have an attack range of 575, and often is why players prioritize the 4 mark spike.  Afterwards this number increases by 25 every 3 marks going onwards til capping at 750 range and 25 marks.

This would actually end up giving a cap of 150% attack speed on Q, 26.5% of target’s current health on W, and 20.5% of targets missing health on E (while also critting). 

Q: Dance Of Arrows

Timestamp: 0016:33

When playing Kindred their Q is an Auto Attack Reset which means if you Auto Attack + Q + Auto Attack the animation of your auto gets canceled and the damage still applies. This means by resetting your Auto Attack animation you can easily pump out more damage than expected. This is very vital on Kindred due to how many times you can use their Q in one fight, and how that damage inevitability stacks up. Another tip is knowing exactly what walls kindred CAN, and CAN’T jump. There are many obvious wall jumps such as the one over dragon pit, BUT there are some hard ones that many people do not know about. 

Wall Hop Guide:

Timestamp: 00:17:10

First one we are going to be hopping over this wall 

This requires you to be close to the wall, and your cursor in this specific location. You are able to hop over BOTH WAYS

Second one is very lenient, but one that not many people may know about. Jumping this fat wall is replicable on both sides,  just requiring your mouse to be somewhat near this position.

There are two wallhops you can do over both red walls, one which is more replicable, and another which is harder + random. I will show you both on this side, but not on the other due to how useless it is. For this one you want to be snug against the wall, and aiming towards the tip of this small rock and Q over.

 To go back you just want to aim your cursor over the bottom of this small branch.

As you saw the second setup is a lot more finicky to get in the spot, but simple to aim at the top right of the gravestone.

To go back again use the branch but in the middle this time.

Hopping this wall is the most practical, and easiest setup. You can aim for the bottom of the right keystone, or for the small blade of grass. 


To hop from the other way you just want to point to the top of the three on the red wall.

Hopping the second red wall is really easy as you just aim for the top of the log,

and on the way back, aim for the tip of the rock.

From the blue side this hop is a lot more complicated, and one that needs a fairly precise setup. You want to click on the bottom right YELLOW flower, and Q over. 

Returning back you want to aim for the last blade of grass that extends to the right

These hops are actually possible due to the range extending from 340 units to 400 units  when passing through terrain. Kindred’s Q actually has a bug where it will automatically target the first three minions, EVEN IF you auto them first level one. This is due to not powering up your W, and will get resolved once that happens. 

W: Wolf’s Frenzy

Timestamp: 0:21:43

While wolf’s frenzy may seem like a simple ability it has many hidden interactions that many people may not know about. The one that is most common and people may see in every game is that wolf’s frenzy actually gives you vision if set inside a bush. This does not actually mean that Wolf’s Frenzy actively seeks out people in brushes, HOWEVER if wolf is already set in the bush he will chase the enemy champion down til they reach out of the zone. Also if you face a direction with wolf’s frenzy and place it down it will place towards that direction. Other interactions are often just special interactions with champions. Examples of this would include  wolf biting gwen although she is inside her shroud, and wolf’s frenzy domain remaining although you are inside mordekaiser’s R. This allows you to continue using your Q with a reduced cooldown, and gaining attack speed, BUT wolf’s domain does not show in the death realm.

E: Mounting Dread

Timestamp: 00:23:03

There are only 3 real special interactions with Kindred's E, and that is that Mounting Dread sometimes does disappear when used. How does this work you may ask? If enemies flash away into fog of vision while the E is traveling in the air it happens the most often, BUT it also works if they just walk out of vision sometimes. This is all because of the fog of war, and when the bug happens it also applies no slow as it completely disappears. This does not occur all the time, but it happens somewhat often. Also you can actually EXTEND Kindred's E to more than the typical 4 seconds. Many people do not know this, but if you auto as Kindred's E is running out it will REFRESH how long the mark will last. This means it can last all the way up to 16 seconds O . O. Other than that, applying Kindred’s E at the end of lamb’s respite allows for the critical strike threshold to be low enough to kill the enemy which often makes kindred win after her R.

R: Lamb’s Respite

Timestamp: 00:24:15

Lamb’s respite is an interesting ability that saves both enemies and allies, HOWEVER people do not typically know the cues for Kindred’s end of ultimate. There are both audio and visual cues for kindred’s ultimate, the easiest one to discern being spirit blossom kindred. Timing autos correctly allow you to burst enemies with relative ease, and “outplay” opponents. And the biggest trick to timing auto attacks with kindred in their R is DO NOT AUTO TIL THE END OF THE ULTIMATE. Now this means do not auto 0.1 seconds before the ultimate ends, because that auto even though theoretically making sense, it will not do damage. This is a misconception that A LOT of players started out with, including me. It makes sense, however it just does not work. You have to wait til the ultimate does the downwards animation THEN you can auto attack.  Also when mordekaiser ults, you are taken outside of your ultimate so you have to be careful around him.


Timestamp: 00:25:20

In this section we are going to be explaining the differences between the 4 different types of kindred builds, and the niche of these mythic items. We are also going to be explaining what items are good alongside these mythic items. This portion is going to be overall more generic explaining what items are good with what mythic, BUT we are not going into lane specifics until later down the line. These builds typically work in all 3 roles, but there are certain cases where building items are more streamlined.  KEEP IN MIND Kindred is a SUPER flexible champion and has many “correct”  item paths for every game. Adaptability is key.  

Kraken Slayer

Kraken slayer as a mythic item is generically a fairly good item on kindred. This being due to lamb’s respite allowing you to have a lot of damage, alongside with safety. The build path to the item is great allowing kindred to hit early game spikes with noon quiver ,and is what you want to go if you want to go GLASS CANNON to shred tanks. Going kraken slayer kindred alongside with an enchanter gives you a scary pairing that not many champions could mess with. This is really good on jungle as you want to be snowballing, and this helps you snowball the best. Many times this is because you are able to actually choose when you want to fight, therefore having R almost every fight which makes up for the weakness of Kraken. PTA / CONQ both fine depending on playstyle.

Immortal Shieldbow

Immortal shieldbow is an awesome mythic on kindred which gives inherent tankiness, alongside with great damage. The shield often allows you to save your ultimate for later on in team fights, and not get instantly burst by champions such as Akali. This allows you to play ALOT more aggressively in team fights without the need of an enchanter and being self-sufficient. You typically just have to be conscious of not ulting too early due to shieldbow, or too late. Building and utilizing shieldbow to the utmost effect is a craft that you need to perfect to play well. CONQ is always best.


Galeforce as a mythic item has died down in the hype after the nerfs from 60 seconds -> 90 seconds, HOWEVER it is still an awesome mythic item in certain scenarios. A great scenario where you can utilize Galeforce is against POKE teams, and teams with SKILL SHOTS. An example of Poke champions are champions like xerath, and champions with skill shots would be like leona. Leona is a great example, because if you get stunned by her R, solar flare you can instantly die, however if you dodge it with galeforce, their engage fails. Also, obviously being really good against squishier champions due to the burst damage. You want to take PTA for even more burst.

Divine Sunderer

Divine sunderer as a mythic used to be one that was utilized fairly well on Kindred, but as of Patch 12.3 it is comfortable to say, it's completely gone especially on a tempo oriented role like jungle. If you really do want to build divine I do recommend going BOTRK rush.

Trinity Force

Trinity force COMPLETELY USURPS divine sunderer at the moment, as it gives good hp alongside attack speed, spell blade, and in general everything you need. The problem with Trinity in the jungle is not the clear speed, but the fact you slow your tempo. This means you hit power spikes ALOT later, but get alot tankier. I do recommend once again to build BOTRK if you want trinity force.


Timestamp: 00:29:41

  • Breakdown


Timestamp: 00:37:15

  • Boots


Now we are going to be talking about the runes section of the Kindred build which has a lot of adaptability based upon enemy team compositions.  A lot of the runes are used for different purposes, and are different based upon the playstyle you prefer. This section is going to be split into two: the major keystone categories, and then the minor runes.


Timestamp: 00:38:50


Conqueror is a stable all around good keystone because of how the ramping attack damage works. This giving you ALOT of overall damage in team fights, and even more damage when you use your ultimate. This keystone will be the one you are going to use on Kindred 80-90% of games just due to the good synergy, alongside with the great path because going down the precision tree gives you BY FAR the best options to choose from when it comes to runes.

Press the attack

Press the attack is often taken by people who want an easier early game, and want to snowball fast. This rune in the early game from levels 1-5 PTA OUT DAMAGES conqueror by 50 damage, however only on a single target. After that it has worse scaling, worse teamfighting, and worse skirmishing potential.

Hail of Blades

There is one Jungle player in Korea that goes HOB Kindred, but other than that I can't say its too good. I think the precision tree is just way too good, and scales 10x better than this build.

Timestamp: 00:40:30

Precision Minor Runes

The tree line that you almost always want to be taking on both lane kindred, and jg kindred due to the immense synergy every thing has. There is CLOSE to NO scenarios you do not run the precision tree as primary / secondary. 

Overheal, Triumph, POM

First line is realistically only

. Triumph synergizes really well with kindred’s kit, due to how low you get from Kindred's ultimate, and how you kill them afterwards.

Legend Alacrity, Tenacity, & Bloodline

The second line are all great options that kindred wants to utilize, and is mostly the reason why u always want to take precision tree. The general key rules are

    Legend: Alacrity
    is so you can snowball the fastest you possibly can, using the omni vamp from jungle and your
    Wolf's Frenzy
    to sustain.
    Legend: Tenacity
    is good when you are playing against teams with ALOT of CC as it allows you to ultimate before dying.

Coup de Grace, Cut Down, & Last Stand

Third line is often between

Cut Down
Last Stand
Coup de Grace
being only if you take Galeforce. Cut down obviously being better vs tanks, and last stand being good in all scenarios due to your ultimate: Lamb’s Respite

Domination Minor Runes

Most commonly used for Jungle Kindred’s Secondary path

You can only choose two, and none of these are appealing so you tend to look for the other options.

Zombie Ward
is not that great, because Kindred is a VERY snowbally champion and would just rather want to skirmish permanently. This is only viable for pro play, and you should just take
Eyeball Collection
for more AD growth earlier due to how high-tempo Kindred wants to be playing.

Relentless Hunter
being great for jungle kindred due to having one of the lowest base jungle movement speeds at 325. Also
Ultimate Hunter
being GREAT versus assassin champions like Qiyana, or zed

Sorcery Minor Runes

Not good at all.

Resolve Minor Runes

The Resolve tree is primarily used to prevent burst damage. 

Not good the other two are ALOT better

is what you always want to run for jungle Kindred which amplifies both your base ARMOR / Magic resist

is good giving you alot of HP, as it stacks the overgrowth from lane creeps, AND jungle creeps.

gives good synergy when you are building shiedlbow, OR you have an enchanter support / mid lane player.

is good if you want to take Alacrity for better early game, but they have alot of CC.

Inspiration Minor Runes

The inspiration tree is a really great option for Jungling, however many people seem to skip over it.

Magical Footwear
is the only thing you can take in this line due to your base movement speed again being only 325. Also with how much kindred likes to skirmish these free boots will be gifted very early on. If you are taking the inspiration runes MAKE SURE to get Magical footwear

Future's Market
is a REALLY underrated rune for jungle kindred which allows you to hit important item spikes like noonquiver really early on. This will impact your clear speed very heavily and let you take over games with a breeze.

Cosmic Insight
is a great rune thats only used for lowering summoner cooldowns on Kindred. This has seen great use in the jungle where you can abuse the 60 second timer on enemies flashes, as well as getting your smite sooner to abuse red / blue smite early.

Kindred Jungle

Timestamp: 01:29:33

This kindred jungle guide is going to be participated by the one THE ONLY TRIEULOOOOOOO and nuri as well… i guess. He is a Fantastic kindred player who reached 1k lp in s10 and achieved challenger in s11 as well, both while primarily playing kindred.  He also thinks that Kindred Jungle is the best role for kindred, although I personally dont agree. (jungle is just broken am i right hahahaha….) Ok moving on this is the MOST COMMON role for kindred for good reason given their clear speed and great gank potential.  It is a very high tempo playstyle that relies on teammates a good portion of the time. 


Timestamp: 01:31:06

For Kindred Jungle you want to initially mark the enemy jungler , but Mark based upon free kills. What this means is if bot is overextending and you see a free kill just change the mark without hesitation. Playing Jungle Kindred ALOT OF PEOPLE do not change marks, but it is VERY IMPORTANT as you are running around the map alot with lots of people to kill. 

Otherwise marks are obtained through jungle camps which relies on how you play the early game and playing around the team which we will discuss.

Skill Order:

Kindred jungle skill order is a bit different with the same Q max, but always W max second for clear!

  • Skill Path




Timestamp: 01:31:07

Kindred Jungle is again able to run any variant of crit mythics BUT the most popular being Kraken slayer. The reason behind this is because of the amazing clear speed alongside with damage output you provide and being able to choose the fights you want in the jungle.   However there are certain people that love playing jungle kindred with divine sunderer / trinity force with an on-hit build. This is all mostly about preference, but just know that there are many high-elo korean kindred one tricks playing the divine sunderer build as well. Trinity force may also be a viable option, if you want tankiness, but extra damage compared to divine.

Runes Setup:

Timestamp: 01:31:49

Kindred Jungle rune situation is still always the precision tree. NO JOKE THIS TREE IS GOOD!!! With the main keystone being conqueror like always. Alongside it you want to be running triumph with legend alacrity, or tenacity, with cutdown / last stand. With the secondary tree being your preference between Domination with Eyeball collection & relentless hunter, or Inspiration with magical footwear and either future’s market, or cosmic insight. 

Summoner Spells:

Timestamp: 01:32:36


A necessary summoner spell for Kindred and there is no exception.  This helps for a lot of cases and also is just great versus other people’s flashes.  Just take it.


I have seen Kindred’s run ignite on specific matchups  like against Xin Zhao, however I personally just can not recommend no flash. I think it is just bad… IDK THOUGH MAN


You are playing Jungle. Take this rune. No discussion.

Jungle Pathing Early:

Timestamp: 01:33:07

Kindred essentially has THREE DIFFERENT WAYS (theres more but we will simplify it) she can path throughout the early game depending on your team composition AND the enemy team composition. 

Full Clearing:

When you full clear on Kindred you are not going to be doing the full 6 camp clears that you often see on every other jungler. This is because if you do a 6 camp clear optimally on Kindred it will land you ~ 3:30 at the crab which is a bit too late. Instead you want to opt for a 5 camp full clear which can be optimally cleared at 3:12 into the game leashless, obviously can be faster with a leash. When doing this clear optimally you want to double camp the blue buff and gromp to finish on time on red side.

Three Camping:

When three camping on Kindred it does not matter if you double camp clear or even get a leash. The biggest reason you three camp clear is less about yourself, BUT how your teammates, and opponents are playing. Often more than not you will initiate a three camp clear on the fly rather than having it premeditated.  These ganks could be used to help out your mid, top, and bot lanes PREFERABLY IF THEY HAVE CC.

Level Two Invade:

When you want to initiate on a Level two invade there are three things that you want to note.

  1. Will the enemy jungler be low on his clear

  2. Look at if bot leashed, and if top leashed to identify where their jungler started

  3. Ask your lakers to give you a good leash on red buff. 

These are all important tips to identify if a level two invade is good and if you could potentially kill them and steal their gromp with smite, OR steal their blue, and gromp as well. Both scenarios are both great, but depends on what side of the jungle they are on. Look at matchups to  see when you can pull off this strategy. 

Other Stuff: 

I KNOW I will be having comments and questions like: “Kindred’s level three is strong why level two invade” or “your such a noob why dont you three camp red side into mid gank into top gank into scuttle to secure the victory royale.” I hear you, I hear you, now please be quiet. Kindred is ACTUALLY NOT STRONG LEVEL THREE compared to every other jungle in the game, and often more than not when both jg’s are lvl 2 kindred will beat them ESPECIALLY since they blow cooldowns on gromp.   Also these are just the three most common and utilized paths that every jungle kindred player should know.

Jungle Pathing Mid-Late:

Kindred’s Jungle pathing going into the mid-late game is  just like every other jungler, however u want to be playing with your laners for marks.  Obviously there is no premeditated way to know where marks are, BUT working with your team will do wonders. Just remember that prioritizing first 4 marks IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, and you should not kill yourself over marks post 4. 


Timestamp: 01:37:31

Hardest Matchups:



Kha’Zix is a champion that destroys you post 6, and if you are ever isolated you are dead.  With his ultimate you are never able to auto him after lamb’s respite making him the most annoying champion to play against in the jungle. He is usually the champion that you want to ban because of his strong dueling potential. 10/10 difficulty

#2: Xin Zhao 10/10

The zhao is a hard matchup for kindred because you virtually have 0 counterplay.  His dash is undodgeable and with his knockup beating you after the ultimate rendering both of those abilities useless. The only thing you could do versus this champion is try standing near walls, and hopping over the walls when he dashes. If you get caught out you lose. 10/10 difficulty

#3: Lee Sin 9/10

Lee sin is again a problem for kindred in the jungle especially in the early portions. You actually are able to 1v1 him early game, BUT  that is if he does not ward hop into Q and instead misses. If he ward hops into a guaranteed Q you lose 100% of the time. Also with the fact that his ultimate counters your ultimate you have to be cautious burning your cooldown.  Make sure to play on the opposite side of lee sin if you value your life. 9/10 difficulty

#4: Gragas 8/10

Graggy is a champion that is not menacing until you play against a good one.  If gragas builds an early lead on you this matchup is virtually unplayable and you can easily get one shot without being able to react because gragas R.  This is a matchup where you just want to gank more than he does and hope it works because going even is losing. 8/10 diffuclty


Even / Skill matchups 

Rek’sai 6.5/10

Rek’sai nowadays is more of an assassin with prowler’s claw which makes this matchup all the more manageable. You are easily able to react your ultimate to prowler’s  and can kite out her tunnels. The hard part is making sure you DO NOT GET CAUGHT out by her in 1v1 situations instead opting for 2v2’s which is fairly hard. 6.5/10 difficulty

Diana 4/10

Diana is a full clear champion which if ahead is hard.  This is a matchup where if you do not impact lanes early you will have struggles. Look to 3 camp clear and start snowballing lanes to gain an early lead. If you are having troubles make sure to go wit’s end second item. 4/10 difficulty

Hecarim 4/10

A fairly easy matchup due to Hecarim’s R being predictable.  As long as you dodge his R, and kite to a sensible amount you can easily win trades versus hecarim throughout all phases of the game. Also since hecarims tend to not take flash (like losers), a level two invade is great to catch them off guard. 4/10 difficulty  

Master Yi 7/10

In a nutshell, Kindred will never be able to beat Yi due to his alpha strike. So you always want to be playing on opposite sides, and wait for him to alpha strike your teammates before engaging. If he gets on you it is very hard to ever escape his gasp, and an even harder matchup if he goes lethality due to his invisiblity. 7/10 difficulty 

Udyr 3/10

With the amount of nerfs udyr has received he is just a running tank which you can easily shred by kiting. He will NOT be able to bear slap you and you can decimate him. The only reason he is actually 3 is because I have nightmares of udyr meta honestly… 3/10 difficulty

Kayn 6/10

Kayn is a very flippy matchup where if he does not get form, he will PERMANENTLY lose. But, If he gets ahead on blue form it is unplayable.  A sort of matchup where tabi’s and sunderer helps, but if he reaches a certain amount of kills you can just ff. 6/10 difficulty

Rengar 7/10

Versus rengar you want a sensible amount of jungle tracking and making sure you DO NOT STEP IN BUSHES WHERE HE CAN BE. That is the ONLY WAY you will lose 1v1 duels.  Otherwise you will never be able to lose 1v1’s even if he ultimates on top of you due to your ultimate. 7/10 Difficulty

Olaf 4/10

An easy matchup where if you kite well, and use your Q to dodge his axes he cannot play the game. Make sure to try to save your ultimate after his ultimate so he gets less attack damage and you can easily finish him off.  Also since he clears relatively low  we can easily exploit him by doing the level two invade.  4/10 difficulty

Elise 6/10 

Elise is a matchup that is based around skill and if you dodge her cocoon with your Q.  If you guess correctly elise will die, and if you get hit you will die. But the best way to not really flip is to try to fight around camps  and not in the open. Also an alternative way if you are having a lot of troubles is taking tenacity + mercury treads and out scaling her. 6/10 difficulty

Viego 7/10

Viego is a champion that you have to be careful about, because if he lands his stun you are most likely dead. This means want to just play the range battle and not step into his mist randomly. Try to save your teammates with your ulti, because if he obtains possessions it may be bad. 7/10 difficulty

Warwick 5/10

If Warwick gets on to you, might as well sign your death warrant. However, he typically IS NOT  capable of getting on to you if you maintain your range.  With red buff this is even more exaggerated where he can never fight you. Fairly simple matchup. 5/10 difficulty

Shaco 4/10

Shaco is a matchup that is fairly easy, and honestly not much of a threat. The problem is how your teammates interact with him and if he gets snowballed due to his great ganking. This matchup is also very easy if he goes AD due to your ultimate, and slightly harder/annoying if he goes ap. A tip to play against shaco is to mark him during teamfights to know which one is the clone. 4/10 Difficulty

Evelynn 4/10

Evelynn if played against properly is one of the most useless early game champions in the game and should never be able to get into the game.  A good strategy to prevent this rampant snowballing eve can cause is level 2 invading to take control over the game. This  will stop her early power farming, and gives you a lead you can translate to win the game. 4/10 difficulty

Graves 3/10

A matchup where you win 80% of the time unless you are standing near a wall, OR if he has full grit. You can easily tell his grit stacks by clicking on him, and can not get bursted if you are not near a wall. If he ever dashes forward just dash backwards, E and kill him with your range. 3/10 difficulty

Fiddlesticks 3/10

The sticks is a matchup where you have to run tenacity + merc treads and just ulti after he ultis. If you do a premature ulti in this matchup I guarantee your whole team will die.  Otherwise it is fairly easy, and you have a free 7 minutes to snowball. BUT fiddle often times than not has very unpredictable pathing so try to get vision on him early so you can exploit his pathing for double crab. 3/10 difficulty


Taliyah 4/10

Taliyah is a early game oriented jungler who relies heavily on teammates CC so in 1v1’s she is not that bad. If you are cautious about dashing in her E and dodging her W with your Q ( or by flashing forward) you can easily get a kill.  Beatable if you play around vision and be cautious of her teammates. 4/10 difficulty

Shyvana 0/10

One of Kindred’s easier matchups in this section, and that is because shyvana lets you do whatever you want to her. Make sure to take both scuttles and snowball early.  A Level two invade would work wonders against mrs. dragon. 0/10 difficulty

Jarvan  3/10

Jarvan is a scary matchup due to how fast his EQ combo is, however AS LONG as your q IS NOT INTERRUPTED does not matter if you Q after. You will be able to kite him and finish him off.  Also you can easily get out of his ultimate  with a simple hop.  3/10 difficulty

Nocturne 6/10

A matchup where you can easily snowball early, and kite him out. You tend to prefer running tenacity versus nocturne as a good one will force your ultimate and then fear you for a free kill. With tenacity this makes this occasion preventable, and  you can burst him at the end. 

6/10 difficulty

Ekko  2/10

Ekko is a champion that loves to full clear and one that does it very slow. He also has a projected cc spell which is super easy to dodge and beat. Ekko also LOVES to not power up his dash for optimal full clearing so we can abuse that timer by level two invading as he normally only has his Q + W. 2/10 difficulty

Easiest Matchups

#1: Tanks : Sejuani, Mundo, Zac, Skarner, Nunu 0/10

All the tanks matchups are really easy for Kindred due to the fact that you are playing an adc in the jungle. You shred all these tanks through scaling, and early skirmishes at all points of the game. 0/10 difficulty

#2: Karthus 1/10

One of the easiest matchups for Kindred because of how low your Q cooldown is. If you just play to dodge karthus Q’s with your Q I guarantee this is a free win.  Also he is very exposable in the early game by a lvl 2 invade, or a lvl 3 invade. 1/10 difficulty

#3: Ivern 2/10

Ivern is THE ONLY jungle champion that cannot clear marked camps without smite which is a HUGE benefit for you. He is very easily invadable and allows you to take over the game. Just try to get early wards so your teammates don't die to his ganks, and you know his pathing. 2/10 difficulty

#4: Lillia 2/10

Lillia is a deer and you are a hunter. Through Darwin's theory of natural selection this is unloseable. (Also, since you can kite her out, and she has no way to kill you, this matchup is easy.) The only real thing why the difficulty is higher is due to her ulti. Be very careful of your ulti when lilia still has ulti. 2/10 difficulty

Top 5 Mid Synergies:

Timestamp: 01:47:33

Kindred Jungle when you are looking at synergies ideally wants to be paired with either an enchanter, a priority mid laner, or a setup mid laner. This is so you have more options to be playing aggressive with CC and can easily look for invades, and priority for marks. 

Lulu 10/10

Lulu mid is the perfect champion to be pairing with kindred, due to being aggressive, having ap abilities, and being an enchanter.  She helps to open your options beautifully and allows you to play aggressively.  10/10

Galio 10/10

Galio is the champion that you want to pair with Kindred if you need a frontliner, alongside having AP.  He serves both purposes beautifully, and as a bonus almost ALWAYS has priority vs most picks.  10/10

Karma 9/10

Karma is another great enchanter mid laner that  does perfectly with kindred, but albeit, slightly worse than lulu deducting her down a point. This is because she does do more damage on her own, however less in team fights.  9/10

Leblanc 9/10

The absolute BEST setup mid laner there is, and one that can set you up at any time.  With her distortion and her chain you can easily kill ANY enemies.  Also since she has great early-mid game you can easily contest every single mark getting you 4 marks As soon as possible. 9/10

Lissandra 8/10

Lissandra is one of the great setup mid laners that you can pair alongside with Kindred and setups for fairly free kills. However, at the current moment lissandra is not doing too hot. If she receives any buffs she can be in a beautiful spot and would definitely be rated higher in the synergies list. 8/10 



Hello I am a Challenger ADC player for 3 years that really enjoys playing Offmeta picks, but dabbles in everything nowadays :D


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