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My summoner name is evgenithebest , I have played league from season 5 in Eune and as of today i am Masters 100lp mainly jungle

-Why this champion? Pros and cons, power curve, and more.

This champion is easy and noob friendly.

Pros - You are very versatile . You can be tanky and heal for alot , you can be all in bruiser , you can be poke dmg . Also the objectives are very contestable as you can ult trough the wall fear them and smite. Ganks are prety easy after lvl 6 , you can gank trough the riven or tower dive. You are strong and can kite enemy jungles to their death with q.

Cons - You are bad into champions with alot of dashes .

Your power spike is when you buy boots with the core item.

So on the main gameplay. Your main goal should be help your team. In the start of the game you are looking to power farm and gank every single posible time.

Runes (Loadout)

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  • Generally good
  • Healing bruser
  • One shotting

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  • Normal

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  • Skill Path

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  • Phase Rush
  • Conqueror
  • Predator

Matchups and Synergies

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  • 50/50
  • Bad

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Master on ranked flex https://u.gg/lol/profile/eun1/evgenithebest/overview


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