How to ADC like a Challenger Player: Intro + Playstyle (in progress)

A Series on how to ADC that will cover everything you need to know about the role.

Video Version:

The ADC role at the current moment is a shell of its former self, over the years the role has become less about your individual skill, and more of how well you work with your lane partner. With this guide I am going to show you how to best maximize your carry potential and become the best ADC you possibly can.


Hey guys, welcome to my new series How To ADC where I am going to teach you guys exactly how the role works, and all the small little nuances that you need to know. I am planning for this series to span out to many short videos covering all the important topics from the basics like positioning, to more complex things like Range of influence.

The goal of this guide is to be very in-depth on topics, which allows both beginners, and advanced players to learn more about topics they may not be too experienced on. This guide is going to be focused on ADC's, however many of these concepts that I am going to be talking about can expand to other roles ESPECIALLY the support role.


Before we progress I am going to quickly go over the credentials of myself,

I'm Trieuloo, and I am a 3 season Challenger ADC player who has been playing League for a little over 11 years now and have peaked at Rank 2 in season 12 playing Kindred ADC. I have reached Challenger playing both meta, and offmeta picks which helped me learn alot about the overall role in general.

Now let's start off with what is the ADC role?

The ADC role, which is situated in the bot lane, has seen a lot of things come and go, from double relic shield meta, to mordekaiser + taliyah meta, mage meta, and much much more.

But what truly defines the role is how useless you are, and how you are like a huge sack of potatoes who anyone can throw around and you are just in misery while everyone else is having fun... *sighs* well anyways.

ADC's or attack damage "carries" is a role that consists of the marksman class who dish out continuous physical damage from range, often dealing huge amounts to the enemy front line. Often revolving around auto attacking, it is a very unique role with the worst agency in the game, being paired with one of the strongest called support to compensate for their early presence. But with one of the worst agencies in the game why would you want to play the ADC role you may ask?

Yeah. that really is a good question. I honestly have a theory that all ADC's are masochistic, and I will die on that hill.

In combination with the worst agency, having to deal with autofill supports, getting paired with YUUMI'S and SENNA'S, and worst of all, your whole team blaming you when your support is never in lane.

Yeah. it's just misery.

But on the bright side there must be some positives about adc right.

Taking towers, well there was a change, and now towers take damage from ap damage as well.

Have some cool dashes, well sorry to say most ADC's lack self-peel and EVERY champion has dashes nowadays not making them special.

uhhh... then scaling...? SCAAAALLLLLINNNNGGGG.

ADC's when scaled properly have this great late game power typically revolving around crit, where they deal crazy amounts of damage with no cooldowns. This is the biggest selling point to ADC's as if you reach a late game scenario, it typically becomes which ADC can out preform the other. And honestly call me crazy, but to me I find it more enjoyable when I die in one shot as it feels like I am playing minesweeper where if I step in one spot wrong I die. But multiplied by 100x, and literally everything kills you. This is why the ADC role often breeds the most mechanical players, as their team fighting skills need to be impeccable to really enjoy the role.

Now let's take a quick overview to check whether the ADC role is meant for you.

1. Are you fine with taking a team reliant position in exchange for having a stronger late game?

2. Do you like playing a highly mechanical role, where if you make one mistake it may cost your team the game?

3. Lastly do you have the mental fortitude of a God so when this happens to you:

you won't punch your monitor, and rage quit.

If so this is the perfect role for you!

Before we continue on this guide I just want to say that this guide will not "magically" get you challenger, but is really just focused on reinforcing materials, and helping you learn things that you may previously not have known.




Hello I am a Challenger ADC player for 3 years that really enjoys playing Offmeta picks, but dabbles in everything nowadays :D


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