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Who am I? Coach Mithos. Why do you care? You don't and that's okay, because what you do care about is that all of this information is coming to you directly from the professionals. After researching and allocating data, I present to you the most effective way to build Hecarim in season 12.


Mythic Items

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Legendary Items

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Item Build Path

In 95% of all games, the build path starts like this: Jungle Item / Refill -> Lvl 2 Boots -> Chemtech

In 80% of all games, the next item path (regardless of Mythic): Tear -> Warhammer -> Manamune

This is where it becomes solely game dependent. According to the data, tank Hecarim seems to be the best way to go. Due to this, you have to figure out what tank items you need to supplement your game. The final 3 items, selected from the pool above, should be the most synergetic with Hecarim's kit - use this knowledge with what you need in game and build accordingly.


  • Phase
  • Conqueror

Summoner Spells

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Jungle Pathing

Hecarim is a full clear jungler. Utilize this and clear the most efficient routes throughout your game to optimize your experience and gold gains. This is vital in the early game to get to lvl 6 as fast as possible, which is a strong spike for Hecarim. If you notice, in each route, #5 is inbetween Blue and Gromp. This is because Hecarim, when starting red side, can kill Blue and Gromp at the same time quite effectively. If you are unfamiliar with this (#5) attempt it a few times in a practice game to get the positioning just right. Simply target Blue first and then E into Gromp, afterwards retreat back towards Blue and find the sweet-spot to keep them both in range of your spells without either of them resetting.

Blue Side Pathing

Red Side Pathing

I hope you all enjoy this guide. Now get out there, run around at the speed of sound, you got places to go, got to follow your rainbow~ (;



12 seasons of gameplay experience / Jack of all trades and master of none


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