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Hi, it's Ivy here. Before we start, a little bit about myself: I'm a Jungle main from the Republic of Georgia. My peak rank was Challenger in Season 7, but I quit the game soon afterwards, because I wanted to catch up with life and get a job for a living.

Anyways, I came back last season to try out a different approach to this game. Back in season 7 I used to main Elise/Nidalee/Lee Sin and occasionally Warwick, which pretty much helped me climb up the ranks as rapidly as possible, I used to be a heavy level 3 rush guy, who tried to either bully Laners by hyper-ganking or terrorizing Junglers by aggressively controlling their jungle flow, which indeed worked, and it still does if played correctly, But this season I've decided to find a better, optimal path, I took a Bronze IV account to try out different strategies to climb up to Challenger again and started experimenting with the different playstyles, so far I can say that I've found the most optimal path to this game, considering I'm working 9 hours a day at the office I was still able to climb from Bronze IV to Plat IV in 2 weeks in my spare time, so I'm here to share the knowledge I've gathered. I Present you :

I came up with this build when I was limit-testing Diana's capabilities, and surprisingly enough I found it to be one of the most underrated things I've seen in League history, the same path could go well with other AOE based Junglers who have a decent kit to fight multiple monsters at once.

  • Rapid
  • Semi-Rapid

Lethal Tempo is a must, I much prefer it to Conqueror, since Diana has a good attack speed access, the more attacks you make the more times you can proc your 3rd Auto Attack passive, give it a try.

Future's market helps you get the early dagger for +12% attack speed, if you go down to my pathing route you might want to get a dagger for the safer Dragon secure.

  • yes please

Pros : • Hyper-fast Farmer • Absolute animal at ganking at level 6 • Good at Dragon/Baron/Herald Secures. • Has good AOE damage • Has multiple dashes, including Rocketbelt build • Can turn the teamfight despite the fact that she's in Zhonya's(her ultimate works well with Zhonya's) Cons : • None if she isn't banned in your games, just pick her and enjoy your free win.

I wanted to make this guide way longer with way more content, but well this has pretty much all the things that you need to know to play Diana. Good luck peeps, and thanks to OnlyGuides for this opportunity.

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Hey, I'm Ivy, S7 Challenger jungle main, came back into the game half a year ago. Currently aiming for Challenger again, hope my builds can help <3


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