Cocho's YouTube Katarina Guide UPDATED

I'm Cocho, I hit Master Tier with Katarina in Season 11. I make Katarina videos.

Whether you're completely new or just came to see what we're even building this season, you've come to the right spot. If you have any questions, join my discord server, DM me, or leave a YouTube comment.



General Gameplan

Either you're going to try to play aggressive and look for solo kills when the opponent pushes or after they use abilities.


you play passive and try to help your team and be apart of every fight while staying high health and decent CS in mid.


Screenshot of the builds below

Screenshot of the builds below

Here are 3 Katarina Builds I'd Recommend

Starting items:

Many people have questions on items. There are many viable builds including AD. I'll briefly explain the starting items and why you would consider some rush options.

One thing to note about your starting item, is your adaptive runes will turn into either AP or AD depending on what you start. This makes AD options a more aggressive start.

First Item:

Before finishing your first item, you could build sit on cloth armor. This delays your item spike a bit, but sometimes it is worth it. Try it out in different matchups you struggle with. Such as:




Nashor is a popular option. It is a scaling item yet is one of the highest damage options for Katarina to rush. Nashor scales best and can be played as a burst or consistent damage item. Full AD is best when your team needs AD damage. Full AP scales the best.

Rocketbelt is great for picks. You get a burst of movement speed, ability haste, and health. It builds into Zhonyas smoothly. You get 5 more MPEN from Rocketbelt's mythic passive and you have a decent amount of armor and HP to not die against AD opponents.


If you're new to Kat, I'd recommend just picking either a common Electrocute or Conqueror page and sticking with that. If you want to experiment a bit, try out resolve secondary as a defensive option or sorcery secondary as a scaling option.

Conqueror vs Electrocute:

It depends on your playstyle and how you are trying to win. If you're against something like ryze, you can think of it two ways.

Its hard to stick to him and trade, so im going to start dark seal with electrocute and try to take short trades or wait til 6 and all-in him.

Or you can say, he starts with very low armor. So I'm going to try sticking on to him and kill him from near health level 2/3 if he pushes and walks up too far.

Level Up Sequence

Standard Q Max Below

Most people max Q > E > W. If you don’t want to worry about it, you can do this every game.

Outside of QEW max, a lot of Katarinas put points into different combinations of Q and E. I'd recommend just maxing Q, or putting 1 OR 4 points into E then maxing Q.

Early points in E allows shunpo to reset quicker when catching a dagger, but early points in Q are much safer and consistent.


Katarina has 2 passives. One is her resets on kills and assists. The other is her dagger pickup. Levels are important on Katarina because the damage on Katarina’s daggers are increased by level. The AP ratio of Kat’s daggers and partial reset when picking up a dagger also increase with levels.

Katarina’s Q will always land straight behind the first target hit. You should become familiar enough to know exactly where your dagger is going to land when you press Q on an enemy.

Katarina's W is called Preparation and is her "dagger drop" move. It might sound silly but you need to know what you’re preparing for when doing combos.

Katarina’s E will only hit one opponent, but it will prioritize champions. You can jump to any side of the opponent. You want to consider what side your opponents are running to and where your daggers are going to fall. E also resets your auto attack timer.

Katarina’s R is a channeled ability that can be canceled by any hard CC or silence. Don’t ult if it can be easily cancelled.


Katarina Q and W will drop daggers that you can pick up to partially reset Katarina E. You might have to slow down and throw in auto attacks. If you set up a long lane, you should be able to jump on the opponent and space out your abilities appropriately.

You shouldn’t think of combos like they’ll all happen the same way. It’s better to think about the most common combo openings and things you can do from there.

Katarina Tips & Tricks

Some tricks are VERY important. Some not so much. HERE is a video on 20 Katarina tricks.

Early Aggressive laning

Keep dying to ganks? Laning fundamentals that apply to anyone are essential for Katarina.

I have a great video on Kat’s early laning HERE. Some key points in this video are:

Enemy Jungle Tracking

Scuttle Crab Priority


Setting up a long lane


There are 3 concepts I want to share that will cover most scenarios.

Patience - You are waiting for the winning scenario. You're waiting out key abilities and you go in on an opportunity based on cooldowns and the opponent's positioning relative to your daggers.

Int to win - You are creating the winning scenario. Jump in and bait out abilities then use Zhonyas. If you use it well, opponent's will waste abilities and ultimate on you. Then you win the fight because they've wasted those abilities.

On Sight - Based on information you've gathered, you know you want to fight if an opponent appears on your screen. (Ex: Your team starts baron and you instantly turn to fight without hesitation when an opponent appears to ward)

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