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Who am I? Coach Mithos. Why do you care? You don't and that's okay, because what you do care about is that all of this information is coming to you directly from the professionals. After researching and compiling data, I present to you the newly updated Ahri and what Runes / Items all the high-level players are using. Enjoy~


Mythic Items

Legendary Items

  • Luden's Route

  • Everfrost Route

Item Build Path

In 95% of all games, the build path starts like this: Corrupting Potion -> Lvl 2 Boots -> Lost Chapter -> Luden's / Everfrost In 85% of all games, the next item path (regardless of Mythic): Hextech Alternator -> Needlessly Large Rod -> ShadowFlame This is where it becomes preferential / game dependent: Hourglass / Cosmic Drive / Banshee's / Rylai's / Lich Bane / Nomicon In 70% of all games, the final two items are: Death Cap -> Void Staff TLDR: Always start corrupting and build lvl 2 boots, then go into the Mythic item of your choice, followed by purchasing Shadowflame - static opening. The next item is up to you, the last two items are Death Cap and Void staff. (EX: use your best judgment for void staff, pending if enemy is stacking early res, etc.)


  • Primary
  • Secondary

The Primary page is the single most used setup on Ahri currently. The Secondary page is utilized when going Everfrost into Hourglass / Banshee's.

Summoner Spells

  • Summoner Spells

Extra Info

Ability Changes

[P] Passive - Adjusted Heals more each cast, but casts less often - heals on champion takedown. [Q] Orb of Deception - Nerf Mana cost increase. [W] Fox-Fire - Buff Dmg buff, mana cost decrease, mvm spd duration increased to 2s. [E] Charm - Adjusted Dmg buff, mana cost decrease, Dmg amplification removed. [R] Spirit Rush - Buff Duration increased to 15s, 1 extra dash per takedown while active (up to 3).

Fourth Item Questions

"But Coach, there are so many 4th items, which one should I go?" If you're going Everfrost and spec'd Ingenious Hunter; pick up Hourglass or Banshee's. Outside of that niche setup to get the most out of Ingenious Hunter, it goes like this: Hourglass - GET THIS GUY OFF ME! Cosmic Drive - Extra mobility and extra Dmg. Banshee's - Enemy team has too much magic Dmg or very little poke. Rylai's - Enemy team is too mobile. Lich Bane - Helps assassinations, enables the ability to side lane and take towers. Nomicon - Enemy team has way too much healing.



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