ADC Viktor

by: TTV Gagney


I go by Gagney but I am the proud owner of the ADC Viktor account. Played roughly 1k games of ADC Viktor

The reasons you should play ADC Viktor is because he has insane scaling, great AOE damage, gets the benefit of purchasing mage items allowing for insane versatility no adc has ever had, while also being able to teamfight, solo pressure, objective pressure, poke, DPS, or burst. (Basically whatever you need).

Runes (Loadout)

The standard loadout is a general beginners approach and also the runes I take most of the time. Many of the runes are interchangeable as I frequently pick from game to game what I think I might need. Footwear, Futures, Minion Demat, and Cosmic can all be viably run depending on the matchup. For the secondary tree is the section I change least, as you will be playing the backline carry and not a mobile battle mage typically.

Now the second page is something I run with supports that I know are going to be aggressive and can gaurantee a kill if landed. Usually this will be blitzcrank and pyke.

  • Standard Loadout
  • Agro Runes
  • Long trade type lanes

Summoner Spells (Loadout)

I'm not going to show you the different variations, basically the most viable sums I've used are as follows, Exhaust, TP, Cleanse, and Heal. Exhaust to shutdown an engage hero like kaisa, samira, etc. TP if you know you won't win your matchup and are trying to outscale. Cleanse, if you know for a fact your enemy will take Exhaust and want to cleanse the debuff in order to burst them down (usually good into samira or draven). And Finally heal is just fine most of the time, I think its the worst option but more than likely for your skill level it will be sufficient.

Skill Path

Again not showing the different paths, just hear me out. Standard Viktor is Q start into 2 E levels into W level 4. Then it is just E max into Q max while getting ult at 11 and 16. Easy stuff.

Uniquely a new strat I've been trying is to forgoe W entirely unless my comp calls for it, usually into more pokey lanes I will not take W until level 8 where I get the option to either take a point into W or Q only. WIth this build you will take 2 points in Q and E by level 4 and then Max E for maximum poke damage. It is likely that your W will never end up landing a stun on anyone in the laning phase essentially putting you at a disadvantage by having a dead spell. Remove this issue by not leveling the ability until 8.

Item Builds

Starting Items: Generally Corrupting is the safest play, Dorans is fine if you don't see yourself being traded on very hard and will trade back harder. I used to take dark seal to get early bonus ap if we got a kill in lane but have not done so for a couple hundred games now. I rarely take Sapphire Crystal because it is only good with TP and Futures into an early back to get your early Lost Chapter. And Finally Tear is only good if you know you will be suffering endlessly and need to farm with your abilities.

Core Builds: Liandries is busted, plain and simple, if etleast 3 of them are building more than 200HP worth of stats then I will buy this item, It is insane how much damage you will end up doing.

I'm also a big believer in Horizon, it gives you all the stats you want in a long range DPS poke mage, plus the added benefit of insane utility. But you can skip this and supplement later with Cosmic if you wish. They are both good items.

Ionians into people with MR and Sorcs into teams without MR is a general rule with Viktor, unless you are going ludens you should always go sorcs in my mind.

Shadowflame into people who haven't build substantial MR yet on both Ludens and Liandries. Shadowflame should only be a second item purchase, if you can't go it second, typically forget about it.

Void and Hourglass can be bought both as a second item, third item, generally my rule of thumb is that I will have one of these items as a second or third item and have the other one as a fourth item purchase. Void is the King of all mage items. Do NOT sleep on this item. cutting peoples MR by 40% is crazy OP. Be checking peoples MR throughout the game to plan when you should buy this item. If 3 of them have over 60 MR its time to buy the item. Or if you know they are planning on purchasing a MR item. Its always nice to be ahead of the MR curve then be behind. Even if you are wasting a bit of stats. If you can afford to buy void ahead of your enemies purchasing MR, you should already be winning and therefore the loss of effeciency will not effect you. the perfect paradox. Voids Paradox. oh yeah hourglass is GOATed as well, buy this item when you feel the need. Banshees is the same way.

Rabo is obviously a mages bread and butter, great second item if you can afford the cash, great 4th or 5th item, not a very good third item, typically.

LICH BANE IS THE WORST ITEM IN THE GAME NEVER BUY PLEASE. 7/1/22 Jokes aside, its suboptimal on Viktor ADC for a load of reasons I won't go into. Rare buy for me less than 1% of my games. Usually as a last resort power spike because we are already losing by 10k gold.

Frostfire: Probably only be purchased if you are losing lane hard, but your team is also winning, become the support your team wished they had. Also if your team has weak setup it is a pretty good item to help teamfight. Very good solo side lane item as well.

First Backs: The god tier back is Lost Chapter (1300G). With Ludens you have the option to feel risky and purchase a Blasting + Amp tome for a lower price with higher ability power (+20) giving you higher burst damage for that lane you are clearly rolling over because of your machine herald supremacy.

  • Different Starting item Variations
  • Core builds

Matchups and Synergies

Look at my presentation to see my synergies with supports. Typically bad matchups are Tristana and maybe Lucian Nami. Other than that it is Support differences that make up matchups the most. PRESENTATION > https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1o_FP-6MxBAB3xpETihYhmu_n2Z_Svtr1Fg6GWJhuX-w/edit?usp=sharing

Hope you enjoy feel free to follow me at twitch.tv/gagney for more Viktor ADC gaming, and ask questions about Viktor I know alot.



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