A Guide on How to Climb Solo Queue

In this guide, I will go through how impactful it can be to maintain your MMR in a healthy place, how to fix it and why you must do so!


*Update: Hi everyone, thanks for the support! I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be working on a more in-depth guide soon, and I’ll be sharing the link here, so stay tuned; for the moment, stay awesome and enjoy the guide! <3

First of all, hi, my name is Marcos, and I'm currently sitting at Gold IV 0Lp as of April 12th, 2022. (I will keep this introduction up, even tho I will for sure continue to climb)

My goal with this guide is to show how impactful can these simple steps be to climb up the solo queue ladder, as I would then proceed to use it on myself as proof, so make sure to check my Bio for the current Rank; thanks!

What's MMR?

MMR or Match Making Rating, to put it simply, is your actual ranking score and is what you should PAY ATTENTION to; it is what clarifies your rank. You could be Gold IV like me, but in reality, you're just sitting at 1543(MMR score), which is slightly below Silver 1 and resembles the bottom 29% of other players in the same rank... doesn't it feel shitty? So right off the bat, I'll tell what this screams to me, I'm no better than that, but am I that bad, or is it the people I'm playing with who are making me lose?

The answer is simply none, you're just not dodging enough games, and this logic has been around for a very long time in the history of League, so yeah, DODGE LOST GAMES!

Does dodging affect my MMR score?


That's my best way to answer it, and I wish someone would have told me the same way before, so you're welcome!

How does MMR work?

Well, to put it simply, if you lose, it goes down; if you dodge, it remains the same, and if you win, it goes up, so you fix it by being CONSISTENT!

Dodging and its penalties:

Now, yes, there are penalties to dodging games, and to be honest, YOU SHOULD RATHER HAVE THEM!

*After tier 3 it just repeats itself for every time you do so!

Here are the penalties, although YOU SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID OF THEM; DODGE! Losing Lp is much better than losing your MMR score; the higher your MMR score, the more LP you'll get, simple!

When to dodge?

1 - Stick to ONE CHAMP, and learn the matchups; if you jump into a matchup that you know, either because your team or the enemy's composition is too hard on you, DODGE; save your time and sanity, but most importantly, your MMR score.

2 - Hop on op.gg(Mobalytics can work too if you need a little more info) and check your teammates' match-up history to see how they're doing. The case of them losing too much; means they are most likely to be in a bad mental state, so dodge and send them this guide; like seriously, it might help them, especially on the next move here on, so yeah, STAY TUNED!

Mental benefits of dodging:

You can FOCUS ON IMPROVEMENT rather than tilt over a sequence of losses. Leave the bad scenarios for normals, not ranked! The truth, you have to improve your mentality and confidence rather than going on a nonstopping train, running into every lost cause you see, so stop and take a slower vehicle; this way, you can have more control over it.

Fixing ego and mentality:

PUT YOUR EGO DOWN, no one's here trying to be better than no one else; although League is a very competitive game, do not fall into the idea of proving to others that you're better than everyone else; CHILL, everyone is good on their roles and skills, so slow down on that idea, it will not get you anywhere, and it can only slow your process of climbing, causing you to tilt and throw everything to hell, by making your game and others just that much more difficult. Remember is a team-based game, be the leader they wish they ever had, but be humble; keep your cool at all times, and do your best to improve everyone's performance over the game, yours included. Make sure that if they don't wish to help, because of literal ego, stay put and through; some games you'll win, some games you'll lose, but the sure loses, dodge them before they even cost you more, you'll be grateful at the end trust!

The most important tip to a better mentality and stay away from ego:

Take every game as an improvement; either you lose or win, always stay on it. Go back to your replays, review them and learn; look for what you were wrong about; plays you could've done better. Were you putting down a deep enough vision of the enemy jungle, or were you too aggressive/tilted not to listen to pings and randomly die because of it? Look for what you could improve, and always work on improvement!

How to deal with penalties timers:

This one is to each their own, but I'd like you to try and make a smurf account; until you can queue up for ranked games, repeat the same method while you wait on timers and continuously. Overall, focus on improvement and not tilt; tilt will cost you games and is not healthy, so stay away from it!


Concluding this guide, I would say; I wish you the best in your climb and hope this guide was of help. Thanks for reading, and remember to share this with anyone you think may need it; good luck on the rift! :D



Current Rank: Gold III 31LP / MMR Score: 1660 / Main Champs: Xin Zhao / Main Roles: Jungle


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