Beagle's ULTIMATE Masters Xayah Guide

You should be abusing Xayah to climb!

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Best Overall Build

Hey y'all! I go by Beagle. I'm a current High Diamond ADC main.  

 for me is one of those champs I fell in love with pretty much immediately because of her high damage output and the sheer aggressiveness her kit allows with 
. Overall, in North America, I was RANK 13 Xayah.


 as a champion is one of the most well designed champions in the game in my personal opinion. What sealed the deal for me with this champion is the absolute menace she can be in mid/late game. Doing tons of damage with  
Deadly Plumage
 and setting up as many feathers as you can before finally using  
 for an EXTREME amount of damage. Topping that all of with her ultimate ability, 
, she makes for one hell of a hyper-carry with self peel.

If by any chance you guys have any questions, i'd love to answer them all and even do OP.GG reviews to help you guys out. Please, check out my STREAM! I try to be as informative as i can and I'm trying to grow and help out all of you along the way.

Runes Explained

  • Go-To Runes
  • Hard Scaling Runes
  • Lethality Build Runes

  • Go-To Runes Breakdown
  • Hardscaling Runes Breakdown
  • Lethality Runes Breakdown

ALL Xayah Build Paths for Season 12

Optimal Go-To Galeforce Build

This is definitely the most optimal build for

when it comes to sheer carry potential in Season 12! This build has every thing the Rebel wants. The dash from
, the sheen damage from
Essence Reaver
, the big damage from the
Infinity Edge
Lord Dominik's Regards
duo and finally, the cleanse from
Mercurial Scimitar
so you can get rid of that pesky CC to use your

Check out the video below to see the absolute INSANE CARRY POTENTIAL this build has in Diamond 2 Elo.

Full Tank Shredding Build

Beefy and extremely big boy tanks on the enemy team like:

? Not to worry, not only is
Kraken Slayer
absolutely insane DPS when paired with
Deadly Plumage
, but
herself is one of the best tank shredding champ in the game. Period.

The amount of sheer damage she gets out in such a short span of time with

Lethal Tempo
Kraken Slayer
Deadly Plumage
is actually insane. This build is truly top of the line damage against everyone in the game when you hit that big
Infinity Edge

There's no

Lord Dominik's Regards
in the video below because it wasn't necessary, but watch me completely put my feeding team on my back in this nail biter of a game.

Anti-Assassin Build

Now, i know this one may seem a bit out there but trust me when i say this. If you are against

or any of the 2 or more champs, this build will WIN YOU GAMES. Don't get me wrong, your damage is absolutely lacking until you hit that
Infinity Edge
purchase, but your sheer survivability is really what's insane. Pairing the shield from
Immortal Shieldbow
with the tankiness from
Death's Dance
as well as to top it all off, your
ultimate. Those assassins truly will be tilted from trying to kill an invincible ADC. Again, the damage is lacking in this build for quite sometime, but its clutch when its needed to be built.

Korean Lethality Poke Build

This build took the world by storm a few months ago.

was suddenly meta with this crazy new Korean lethality poke build! And man, even if i wasnt the biggest fan of this build path. It hits HARD. This build is all about poke, using Q > E to literally chunk someone down to 20%-30% of their HP bar and then doing it all over again 3-4 seconds later is what this build is all about.

Keeping track of your cooldowns with this build is most important and maximizing your poke damage before a fight is also necessary. Unlike the crit builds above, this one is all about ability damage, your autos dont do nearly as much as the traditional crit build, so make sure you're hitting your Q > E combos!

Xayah's Matchups


  • Breakdown


  • Breakdown


  • Breakdown


  • Breakdown

Xayah's Support Synergy Chart

Instead of giving a short description for each support duo, I'm instead using a chart this time unlike my Kai'Sa guide. There are just so many champs that can play support (ex. Ashe, Neeko, Shaco) that dont traditionally play the role, so instead, use this list to see the synergy level with each support that


Most likely, sometime down the road, i'll add a small description section for each support. But for now, please use this chart!

Final Tips

  • Try not to be afraid to use Q > E a lot to poke even when building a crit build!

  • You can Q then instantly R afterwards to cancel the animation of your Q .

  • You can
    to reposition yourself to an angle where you
    will hit the enemy player attempting to dodge it.

    's big in-lane power spike is Level 3, thats when she unlocks her fast combo with W > Q > E.


At the end of the day,

remains one of my all time favorite champions in the game and I think she genuinely is one of the best champs to actually climb with. She has everything you want in a hyper-carry: Damage, Survivability and decent mobility. I think she excels in lower elos all the time, not just when she's meta. So get out there and play some Xayah!

If you have any questions regarding Xayah or any other ADCS. Please stop by Stream! I'd love to answer them all.

Last but not least, please check out my YOUTUBE channel. I upload on it frequently and while it may be mainly Kai'Sa content, i have some older Xayah videos and plan to upload more in the future.

I peaked Rank 13 Xayah NA and Masters 20 LP for some credibility. Thank you guys for reading <3



Hey guys, i'm Beagle! I'm a Master Tier ADC player and Streamer.


Share your thoughs, feedback, comments...