Beagle's ULITMATE Masters Kalista Guide

Not meta but not forgotten, she still exists!

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Yo guys! My names Beagle, Beags, whatever works! I'm a current High Diamond ADC Main.

has been one of my all time favorites ever since I gave her a shot in Season 7. Times were different back then and she was played much more than she was now. I really was tempted to try her from her cinematic, aesthetically she was awesome! I had to learn more so I took a look at her lore and the reason she became the Spirit Of Vengeance and the rest is history.

lived up to my hype gameplay wise. She REALLY rewards mechanical play and making huge outplays with her feels so much different than any other champion in the GAME. Her constant mobility with
Martial Poise
to constantly dodge abilities and skill shots and her overall sheer ability to bully lanes in the right hand makes her such a crazy good early game threat. She's one of a kind and completely different from the ADC cast. She may not be the best and hasnt really been viable for many years now, but im very passionate about her and I wanna show you how to win with her even now!

By the way, if you guys have ANY questions at all regarding ANY ADCs, please feel free to stop by my STREAM! I love the interaction and I love helping people. I even do coaching as well. Please give it a look and try to improve with me: https://www.twitch.tv/beagleadc

Runes Explained

  • Go-To Runes
  • Against Tanks/Bruisers

Kalista Build Paths for Season 12

Optimal Go-To Spear Stacker Build

Ever since they made

Titanic Hydra
useable on ranged champs, Ive used it on
, it gives her all stats she wants. You see,
during the later stages of the game needs survivability from HP/Armor/MR because she takes so long to get her damage out. She has to stack her spears, then go the process of rending, that takes a while yea? This is why Titanic is so good, it gives you extra HP to deal more DPS with its passive. Speaking of which, its passive effect is DOUBLED by
Guinsoo's Rageblade
's passive.

What makes this build the go-to is the fact that

Guinsoo's Rageblade
works so well with Kalista's overall kit set up. Her goal is to get as many spears out as possible in the shortest amount of time as possible. This is why
Guinsoo's Rageblade
is so good. Since you're stacking attack speed on Kalista, you get to your 3rd auto attack and the rageblade passive SUPER FAST, meaning you double the spears that come out. More spears = Higher Rend damage.

Remember. Kalista falls off at around the 30 minute-ish mark, so make sure you use the most of your early game presence with

Fate's Call
engage and her early bully potential!

Check out the short video below to see the overall potential of this build!

Squishy Killer Crit-Lista

I know this build seems a bit unorthodox BUT, trust me, ive used this build to stomp A LOT of games. I personally love this build. Just like it's tilted, it's made to kill SQUISHY team comps. Do they lack tanks/bruisers? (e.g. Jayce, Khazix, Lux, Jhin, Bard). Then this build absolutely SHRED.

isn't made to deal insane amounts of damage right away, its over time, but with this build. You'll be feeling your autos hit 10X harder.

Remember, this build is only good against SQUISHY champions. DO NOT GO THIS BUILD INTO BRUISER/TANKS COMPS as you will hit like a straight up wet noodle. (More so then you already do ;c)

Definitely look to utilize this build against champs who dont stack armor and such! Check out the video example below to see this build's potential.

Anti AP Poke Build

This is the ULTIMATE sustain build when it comes to

builds. Right after completing your core items with
Berserker's Greaves
Immortal Shieldbow
, you immediately rush into a
Wit's End
for magic resist and more on-hit damage. Then you finish the build off with
Guinsoo's Rageblade
for more spears,
for life steal against the poke and finally, the big one,
Spirit Visage
, this item makes you next to unkillable.

Spirit Visage
gives you 40 MR and 450 health which is already INSANE. But what really sets this item apart is the sheer lifesteal you'll be gaining from the passive. With Bloodthrister and Shieldbow lifesteal combined with the 25% extra healing effectiveness from the Spirit Visage passive, a few autos and you'll be full HP. This build truly makes you feel like an un-killable kiting monster.

Check out the INSANE life steal below!

Kalista's Matchups


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Kalista's Support Synergy Chart

If you havent been able to tell,

as a champ is only SUPER viable with Hard Engage, High CC, Tanky Champs. There's a reason for this. She needs time to get her damage out, its just how the champ is designed.

These high cc supports keep them locked down long enough and front line for her to be able to dish out those spears as much as possible.

Best Supports and why they WORK with Kalista

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Combos + Tips

is, in my opinion, the HARDEST ADC in the game. But her cancels and such are not TOO difficult so, dont let it get to you and practice.

Q+E Poke Rend Reset

This is your most important combo to utilize in laning phase, this is what makes her such a bully. Use this often! Get a minion within rend execute range.

After you throw your Q, right when its about to hit the enemy laner. Spam E and your Rend will reset as well as dealing the Q + Rend damage to them! Its great poke.

Rend Reset for MORE damage

This one is simple. You get minions with in rend execute range and then go for a trade, then proceed to rend, not only to get your Rend reset but also dish out more damage in the trade on the enemy player.

This is also good for starting fights, starting it off with this to slow the enemy and get early damage is a solid way to win a 2v2 in bot lane.

Using Q to Wall Jump

This one is pretty useful! Since you dash after using your Q ability, you can use it to hop slim walls on the map. Lke this one! You can also do this by using your passive.


has always been one of my favorite champs. Despite not being able to play her much cause of her spot in the meta over the years.

I ALWAYS come back to her eventually, I love her that much and am very passionate about her despite her weak state. Give her a shot and I'm sure you'll be pleased with how fun she really is!

If you have ANY QUESTIONS regarding Kalista or any ADC, please stop by my stream, the support means the WORLD to me! Thank you guys so much.

Also, if you guys would be so kind to check out my YOUTUBEchannel, I'd be so thankful. It's mostly Kai'Sa content, but with enough support, i plan to upload more than just Kai'Sa soon!

I peaked at Masters 20 lp for some credibility! Thank you guys for your time! Check out my other guides as well.



Hey guys, i'm Beagle! I'm a Master Tier ADC player and Streamer.


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