[13.1] ⚔️ HOW to CARRY with RIVEN in SEASON 13⚔️

Learn HOW to WIN ALL your games with the funniest champ of the entire game!

Hello, Riven will most likely suffer CHANGES with the Bruiser Update in Patch 13.2

I will update the guide as soon as Patch 13.2 arrives and I test it for a few days. If you dont want to miss anything make sure you check my socials

Hello, im Molina , a Riven Onetrick that plays on EUW server. Currently Master Tier. I played Riven since season 5 and i reached Master Tier for the first time in Season 8 (Playing lethality Riven). I quit the game after that but now im back and I will be streaming and uploading content in my socials:



Feel free to ask any question. If you dont have a Mobafire account I have a section on my Discord dedicated to answer ALL of your Riven questions.


If you are interested in learning Riven this is your guide. I tried almost everything with Riven during a lot of time and I want to show you what i learned in this guide. Its a time saving one if you go through it.


    What Mythic you should build?






      Season 13 Update: Ravenous Hydra is now good on Riven. Have fun with it, build it when you want a lot of AD.

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      Riven Teamfight!







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      WaffleXt 2 days ago

      Amazing guide, it's so helpfull!